Business Reinvention in Insurance

Creating agile, customer-centric business models for the future, connecting the insurers closer to those customers, data, and emerging technologies

For all lines of business in insurance, the next decade will be defined by increasing connectivity and growing volumes of data. New players with innovative new business models and insurance products and services will emerge, some disrupting traditional distribution models.

One thing is for sure. A fluid business understanding of new and powerful digital technologies becomes essential for any insurer visionary – and only the visionaries will survive.

of new vehicles will be “connected” by 2018 with self-driving cars a reality by 2025.

Insurance Reinvention: digital focus

Across every activity in the insurance industry, the next decade will be defined by increased connectivity and growing data volumes. Innovative insurance business models will be driven by collaboration across broader ecosystems.

Speed and action are critical – if you spend two years thinking about it, it will be too late. Your ability to retain existing policy holders and attract new ones demands a new kind of digital empathy.

Connected Car

80- 100% of new cars will be “connected” by 2018. On top of pilots, proper orchestration of the eco-system and secured, scalable platforms are paramount.

Connected Health

From payer to partner: orchestrating big data, analytics, IoT, agile core systems, health providers and patients/customers (PRM).

Thinking together

A day spent with us in one of the Atos Business Technology Innovation Centers is worth a month anywhere else. Take time to think about insurance business reinvention.

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The next decade will be defined by increasing connectivity and growing volumes of data, with new players disrupting traditional distribution models.

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