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Improving the user experience in healthcare

Empower your employees

Employee engagement at healthcare organizations is seeing significant disruption. Huge change, involving new tools and ways of working, comes with the critical need for business continuity for healthcare providers, especially hospitals.


of health workers lack some skills needed to use digital technologies and fully engage with digital information.”

Source: OECD


Employee engagement services

Our persona and role-based approach of delivering digital workplace solutions enables the healthcare provider to prioritize the employee and patient experience. Being empowered, engaged and educated, employees and patients become efficient and motivated leading healthcare organization to cost-effectively improve outcomes and ensure measurable end-user satisfaction

Safe and smart physical spaces

Focusing on device, user flexibility and safety, Atos’s approach to healthcare security exchanges the conventional perimeter security solutions with “Zero Trust concept” based on “Never Trust, Always Verify” principle. This presents healthcare providers with a set of principles, solutions and methods for device audit, effective access control, reliable user authentication, defense from attacks and data loss prevention.

User-centric design & adoption

Organization Change Management (OCM) ensures the overall success of a Healthcare Provider’s Digital Workplace Transformation by empowering employees to reimagine their role enabled with new technology. The Atos OCM approach brings expert resources, proven methods and tools to manage change on a continuous basis, thus creating a supportive environment for impacted end users and stakeholders as they adopt change and new ways of working.


Collaboration reimagined

The demand for remote working for healthcare providers has increased dramatically driving virtual care, remote monitoring, virtual clinics, creation of digital workflows. Using our deep expertise in healthcare business processes and applications which can make collaboration for healthcare providers effective, straightforward, and enjoyable.

Secure flexible working

Atos offers to healthcare providers automated solutions enabling secure management for a wide range of devices. Our Device-as-a-Service and Print-as-a-Service business models ensure cost certainty and flexibility by reducing upfront capital expenses and providing a fixed operational per device service change that guarantees hardware, software and security is continually monitored and maintained.

Proactive & data-driven

Our Proactive Experience Center (PXC) underpins employee- and patient-experience and assures continuous service improvement and innovation, monitoring availability and performance of critical applications, By identifying trends, it implements corrective actions to reduce incidents, automate requests and prevent problems arising thus assuring user and business efficiency.

Intelligent care center

Our AI-driven Atos Intelligent Care Center (ICC) empowers healthcare providers employees and patients with flexible omni-channel IT support. Our ICC uses chat-bots for Self-Help and automatically generated requests and tickets together with virtual Tech Bars for immediate support and Vending machines for quick replacement of hardware or periphery devices on site. And all this available with minimal effort, anytime and from everywhere.


Digital inclusion & accessibility

Atos Digital Inclusion and Accessibility helps healthcare providers to enable its employees and patients to achieve their full potential through end-to-end Inclusive User Experience (IUX) underpinned with broad range of digital solutions providing a wide range of accessible, assistive technology services.

Decarbonized workplace

Atos strives to aid healthcare providers on their journeys to net-zero, identifying emission reduction initiatives through measurement, reporting and establishing target driven science-based approaches. Utilizing the latest technology, Atos has a broad portfolio of offerings to help healthcare providers reduce their technology carbon footprint significantly.

Intelligent Care Center for Hospitals

Customer story

Care Quality Commission CQC

CQC, the independent regulator of health and social care in England, deliver a new digital workplace at pace with Office 365
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Customer story

Centre-hospitalier du Nord

Atos helped implement a bedside terminal that will improve patient experience and free up time for the medical staff
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Customer story

Baylor Scott & White Health

When a long-running core enterprise resource planning (ERP) application reached end-of-support, Baylor Scott & White (BSWH) needed to rapidly upgrade the software without impacting its operations. BSWH’s complex tech upgrade evolved a critical part of its technology estate for the future.
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Customer story

Global Healthcare Company

Atos supported its client in the planning, the implementation and the delivery of End Users Services (EUS) measures and services across their sites in Asia Pacific. Atos has provided daily performance reports of critical preparedness, readiness and response actions for COVID-19, has supported daily cadence for close monitoring of call/ticket volume, call wait time, average handling and ensuring that issues related to remote working were addressed in a timely manner.
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Customer story

Department of Health

A Department of Health was facing some critical challenges where they needed to rationalise their estate and modernise their IT infrastructure. Atos helps implement the Shared Platform with Learning and Support Platform.
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State Government Health

Atos supported a State Government public health system by transitioning and digitizing their ICT systems on Cloud platforms..
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Atos Engaged Employee Experience

Workplace as a Service

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Digital Workplace in Healthcare

Listen to Vivian Chan, Enterprise Architect at Atos discus how hospitals and healthcare organizations use digital workplace solutions to connect their clinical staff with their key data resources. This enables fast and effective decision making and combining this solution with additional IT solutions such has AI, data analytics and IoT helps provide better care for their patients.


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