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With Link 16, communicate effectively in combined armed operations

Link 16 networks can be difficult to set up: Time Division Multiple Access communication (TDMA) architecture, multiple networks, Network Participant Groups (NPG), frequency constraints, etc. ANDESIT (Atos Network Design Tool) helps Link 16 designers deploy networks effectively.

First used by the French Navy’s “L16 Design Cell” to initialize their Multi-Functional Information Distribution System (MIDS), ANDESIT has become their Joint Network Design Tool.

ANDESIT makes it possible to initialize operations, mixing many types of platforms (Army, Air Force, Navy) within a mission.

Furthermore, ANDESIT is interoperable with allied platforms, allowing designers to import or export networks supporting the NATO standardized format (NETMAN T/1 Rev2 to Rev5).

Take part in a military coalition

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Achievestrategic independence in network design

Deploya network in a large and complex operational theater

Commandthe coalition operations


ANDESIT is the Atos software product at the core of ACOR, available for international defense forces

ACOR is the Link 16 network design system of the French armed forces, upgradable according to operational needs.

It is an Atos development kicked off in the early 2000s, used in coalition operations Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan), Harmattan / Unified Protector (Libya), Barkhane (Mali), Chammal / Inherent Resolve (Iraq and Syria) and multiple joint exercises.

With ANDESIT, Link 16 networks comply with design constraints


ANDESIT integrates design constraints by making it possible to initialize multiple types of platforms, by building a network which Air, Land and Sea units can communicate and by providing initialization files adapted to the platforms.


  • Rapid evolution according to operational needs


  • Multiple types of terminals


  • FCA agreement compliance
  • Civil aviation consideration

How to avoid disrupting national and cross-border civil aviation?

Andesit deconfliction provides decision support to comply with the Transport-Defense Agreements (FCA)

Decision criteria are based on:

  • Network
  • Day and time slot of activity
  • Number of participants in the network
  • Area of activity

Design your Link 16 network

A logical, step-by-step process

1. Create a scenario and manage the platforms

2. Adapt the parameters of platform terminals

3. Allocate the time slots

4. Create initialization forms for all platform types

5. Verify the network connectivity of the platforms

6. Automatically generate network documentation

7. Manage activities and comply with civil aviation

8. Generate NATO formatted message

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