e-State 2020

Becoming a digital government

We are living in times of seismic change.

The pace of technological progress is accelerating. The details of our daily lives are almost unrecognizable from just a few years ago. Digital is everywhere we look…bank, shop, socialize, study, travel….

Governments know that they need to embrace fast-changing technology; but do they know where digital will take them? How do governments shape their digital journey when the destination is not always known?

The Atos e-State 2020 initiative provides governments and large public institutions with a view on how technology will transform governments and states, how they will serve citizens, how they will interact on a country level or with other governments, going beyond today’s frontiers and towards a digital borderless society.

With extensive experience of government initiatives taking place today and the latest technology innovations such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, Atos understands the dramatic impact of technology on today’s society, and how governments should envisage their future and plot their digital journey.

e-State 2020

Journey to a digital government

This paper explores the concept of an e-State that is now being shaped by today’s global megatrends and technological advances. It explains the urgency for governments to change and looks at the key digital enablers on the journey to digital government.

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Can Blockchain reinvent Government services?

Blockchain is still considered by many public officials and government as a novelty.

But there must be a reason why so many countries are experimenting with blockchain.

If you think about what a government does, you’ll see instant synergies with this game-changing technology.

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