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Faster, more efficient business processes will ensure you can provide a world-class service to your clients. Our ML, AI and RPA technologies—like SyntBot automation toolsets—allow you to reengineer your processes to deliver growth. And we can support you with everything from client onboarding and asset servicing through to reconciliation thanks to our deep domain knowledge across the trade lifecycle.

Establishing an RPA Center of Excellence

How Atos SyntBots accelerated the shift to results-driven automation for this leading U.S. investment bank

Up to 60%

in automation savings

The challenge

Employees at this major financial institution were still using hundreds of manual processes each day. Everything from recording derivatives to reporting on KYC, compliance, and client reference data. It was a slow and costly process.

Our solution

We deployed our proprietary SyntBots to record and map key business processes. By annotating each keystroke and layering on data masking to protect client information, we quickly prepared key processes for automation.

The results

Our Center of Excellence for RPA was established three times faster than typical automation preparations. It now supports 1,100 employees with their everyday activities. It covers more than 6,500 workflows, 180 processes, and 350 sub-processes. For the bank, it’s projected to lead to 50-60% in automation savings.

Finding the right cash position for better investments

How Atos wealth management services support internal teams at this global U.S custodian

$35 billion

of payments per month

The challenge

All OMP instructions for cash movements need to be checked by internal experts. However, these come in many forms—from wire to check to IBT. Authenticating and verifying these instructions is a time-consuming process and takes experts away from value-adding tasks.

Our solution

We created a system of services to support the wealth management team. Including valuation, NAV and income posting as well as cash operation, cash authentication, and common trust fund services.

The results

By bringing them together into a single system, the verification and authentication process is faster and more accurate. It now covers $35 billion of payments that are processed every month on behalf of 36 of the company’s clients.

Managing the end-to-end trade lifecycle on a massive scale

How Atos trade, asset, and fund services help this global U.S custodian handle huge volumes of trades every day


trade portfolios covered

The challenge

The processes involved in executing trades are highly complex and often involve multiple systems. Information on trades must be accurate to maintain margins and to meet regulatory reporting obligations. This custodian had to ensure accuracy for over 100,000 trades every day.

Our solution

To handle such a high volume and a huge turnover of trades, the custodian needed help across the entire trade lifecycle. We provided single-system support for everything from trade capture and enrichment through to exception management, confirmations, and settlements.

The results

Our system performs all trade activities, including corporate actions like scrubbing and verification, as well as receivables, payables, and income processing. Covering 40,000 portfolios and 11,500 funds, the system prepares the income processing, NAV calculations, monthly proofs, and regulatory reports for 100,000 trades per day, worth an average $200 billion.

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