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Digital Transformation in action: Atos in North America

Carol Houle, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Consulting and Marketing, Financial Services & Insurance, Atos

North America is increasingly turning digital when it comes to banking. Atos works with a range of leading banks to deliver a diverse range of digital transformation needs. The scope of this work and the expertise Atos has brought to bear is reflected in the client results we have delivered.

Banking in North America is increasingly digital. And that means that the demand for digital solutions is ever growing. This trend has only been accelerated over the past 18 months with the changes that the Covid-19 pandemic has instituted across the sector. Atos in North America works with several leading banks on a wide range of projects with a common thread: using digital technology to get the best possible results for our clients and their customers in a way that delivers cost savings and improves operational efficiency.

In each of the case studies that follows, the breadth of our offer is apparent: from managing the transition from LIBOR via a bespoke digital platform; to monetizing financial data through the latest machine learning and AI techniques; through to leveraging automation to modernize our client’s IT services – Atos expertise can be brought to bear across the full range of a bank’s digital requirements. And there is more upcoming:

We are working on a business value monitoring framework that will allow our clients to connect the value delivered to teams’ product backlogs to improve the ability to prioritize development efforts around what is valuable.

We are rolling out the concept of a Transformation Squad in how we instrument and orchestrate digital transformations.

We have defined a contractual model to enable us to deploy pre-configured Agile Pod teams to quickly deliver outcomes to our clients.

Our clients work with us because they know we have the expertise to deliver the results they require. They also value the wider offer we bring to the table: our scientific community, our marketing and customer intelligence, our thought leadership, our client innovation labs and design thinking and our R&D expertise to name but a few.

There has never been a time when world class expertise in operational excellence and digital transformation has been more necessary – and Atos is here to take our clients with us on that journey.

Managing the transition from LIBOR for a San Francisco-based top-four bank


  • Faster digitization and remediation of legacy documents
  • Successful transition from LIBOR rates, impacting over 25% of the bank’s balance sheet


With the transition away from LIBOR to Risk Free Rates, the bank had to intelligently assess the impacts on contracts and remediate the impacted documents accurately. To do this, it needed to digitize and decompose vast volumes of bank-wide contracts. Risk Free Rates are structurally different to LIBOR/IBOR, so significant effort was needed to profile, transform and manage contract-related data.

A scalable contract intelligence platform

Working in an agile, business value driven way, Atos collaborated with the bank’s users to develop, rigorously test and validate a modular and scalable contract intelligence platform. Blending microservices, data management, artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) and workflow technologies, the platform can ingest, decompose and enrich large volumes of contract data for a wide range of contracts, not only for LIBOR transition but also for future business requirements.

Monetizing financial data for a Boston-based global custodian


  • New business, with 25 clients onboarded
  • 40% reduction in effort spent extracting/developing reports
  • Faster regulatory compliance
  • 30% cost reduction


The institution increasingly needed to utilize data insights for its multi-asset class investment strategies. Sourcing data and applying analytics from diverse systems was costly; a new solution was needed for robust data aggregation, management, reporting and governance.

A next-generation data monetization platform

Atos drove a new digital business model and value innovation, developing a platform to extract and combine large volumes of data from multiple sources into a single consistent data warehouse supporting near real-time data. Providing a fully hosted ‘data-as-a-service’, the platform creates a holistic and integrated view of customers’ holdings. Simple and intuitive for business users, the platform offers advanced AI/ML analytics that generate actionable insights for the institution’s investment strategies.

Modernizing IT services for a global financial institution


  • Prevention of $30+ billion merchant payments impacts
  • 64% reduced cost per application
  • 40% faster time to market
  • Application availability up from 96% to 98.6%
  • 33% improvement in early detection
  • 97% projects delivered with zero errors


This New York-based institution was looking for end-to-end ownership of application development, support and maintenance services for its Cards and Payments lines of business. It wanted to leverage automation to address infrastructure performance issues, while standardizing toolsets and optimizing knowledge management to drive performance, efficiency and agility.

Automated and integrated service management

Onboarding 68% of applications through DevOps, Atos implemented an end-to-end best practice Continuous Delivery Operating Model. Applications are developed using Agile and Kanban methodologies, with automated testing and continuous integration. Deployment of ServiceNow includes automated ticket creation and closure. With a global Rapid Response Team, the service includes intelligent automation of integrated 24/7 monitoring and remediation, with an 88.3% problem resolution rate.

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