Customer Experience in Banking: DNA Analytics


Be proactive, establish better relationships and deliver greater customer value

Customers today expect something in return for their loyalty. They want a relationship with their bank that reflects what is important in their lives right now.

To understand what they need, you have to get to know them intimately. But with millions of potential customers and rapidly increasing sources of data, how do you find the information that really matters?

Atos Customer Analytics will give you the tools to reveal precisely what you need to know. With Customer DNA profiling, predictive analytics and Business Intelligence, you can create targeted campaigns and personalized communications out of Big Data. Real-time, omni-channel and contextual capabilities mean you can manage your product offers more effectively. And with richer personal insights, you can deliver the type of customer experience that will keep people coming back to your brand.

potential increase in cross- and up-selling

Customer DNA Analysis

Is your customer a luxury shopper? Do they have home insurance? Did they just receive a pay rise? When you know your customers better, you can communicate with them better. You can increase loyalty and easily identify new opportunities. Watch how Customer Analytics helps you target customers with more precision.

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What’s the DNA difference?

See what you and your customers can expect with Atos Customer Analytics – from intimate relationships to savings across the board.

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Remco Neuteboom

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