Operational Excellence in Telecommunations

Partner with Atos for assured business continuity, cost-reduction, quality improvement and clear alignment between IT and business.

As a partner to telcos in their pursuit of operational excellence, Atos sustains a dual focus on cost-efficiency and digital transformation.

With our Telco Bridge framework, we ensure that all operational improvement initiatives are conceived and measured in terms of their direct business contribution.

With a keen focus on data and infrastructure management, we guide our telco clients through cloud transformation.  We drive eco-system optimization through the implementation of standardized and virtualized global delivery.

Industrialized application management and test services, coupled with advanced workplace design, equip our telco clients for operational excellence, reducing risk and raising the quality of customer experience.

Over 40 major OSS projects in 5 years

Why choose Atos?

Atos knows the telecommunications sector and understands the forces for change which affect it.

As business technology partners, we are positioned to help you prioritise and implement essential process change for maximum positive impact.


As an end-to-end service integration and management partner, Atos shares a clear vision with its telco clients. The telco becomes a real realtime enterprise, able to monitor incidents from any infrastructure element, understanding the business impact in realtime and acting accordingly

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Atos has over 30 years’ experience in helping telcos raise service levels while reducing operational cost. We are resourced to meet the current telco priorities in digital transformation, always with emphasis on quantifiable business performance.


Atos proactively promotes innovation in telecommunications, with digital transformation the key driver. Innovative operational approaches will always be delivered through robust and industrialized processes.

Cost Benefit

Atos does not compromise on cost benefit. All operational engagement is geared to payback within 12 months. Supplier consolidation, application rationalization and supply chain optimization all feature in the drive for cost-savings.

What our clients say about us


Telefónica Press Release

Atos, a leading international provider of digital services and Telefónica Germany enter a strategic partnership, through which core elements of the IT operation will be delivered by Atos through managed services.

“Atos core business is the efficient operation of large-scale IT infrastructures.”

Guido Eidmann, CIO at Telefónica Germany

View our Telefónica Press Release

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VP Global Market Telecom and Technology

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Global Business Development Manager Telco

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