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Making your supply chain intelligent

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An intelligent approach to retail supply chains

Intelligent Supply Chain provides a range of solutions defined, delivered, and run by our expert teams, so you can respond faster on the basis of real-time insights to an ever-changing environment, enhancing customer experience in-store and across all digital channels, helping maintain and reduce costs, and minimizing business risk. Our solutions support your sustainability goals, including decarbonization, in line with our own commitment to becoming carbon neutral (net zero) by 2035.

Using Intelligent Supply Chain to create more resilient retail supply chains

When your customers are relying on you for speed and quality of
goods, you cannot afford any disruption. You need to be able to
access real-time data to adapt to fast-changing situations. And you
need to make sure goods do not degrade in the process.
Intelligent Supply Chain offers a powerful solution with end-to-end
transparency and full track-and-trace functionality to monitor timings
through multi-modal transport (e.g. truck to port, ship to harbor, train
to final destination) and prevents quality degradation by monitoring
temperatures in transit and in storage. Blockchain provides an
additional layer of traceability and a full audit trail to prevent

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With a boom in online sales, how are retailers managing last mile delivery experience and costs?


Around us the rate at which vaccinations is being administered is increasingly rapidly providing hope that we may be looking at the beginning of the end of covid-19. Whilst many sectors have been shaken to the core and are fighting to keep their heads above the water, most retailers have seen tremendous growth. Consumers shifted spending away from restaurants, bars, and theatres towards home entertainment, pushed by closure of entire sectors and/or a restrictive lock-down.

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