An intelligent approach to supply chains

Make your supply chain smarter, more sustainable and resilient

Intelligent Supply Chain


Atos provides Intelligent Supply Chain solutions that:

  • Improve customer experience through greater transparency and predictability with real-time alerts
  • Optimize routes by distance, time and costs, and reduction of congestion and pollution
  • Allow end-to-endtransparency and full track-and-trace functionality to minimize business risk, prevent quality degradation and become resilient

Intelligent Supply Chain for retail


Intelligent Supply Chain provides a range of solutions defined, delivered, and run by our expert teams, so you can respond faster on the basis of real-time insights to an ever-changing environment, enhancing customer experience in-store and across all digital channels, helping maintain and reduce costs, and minimizing business risk. Our solutions support your sustainability goals, including decarbonization, in line with our own commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2035.

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Supply chain management solutions


Digital technology is rapidly transforming logistics, a cross enterprise, worldwide industry. Logistics 4.0 promises digitized operations, deeply integrated with Industry 4.0 manufacturing process by leveraging the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics.

Atos and Siemens bring you Intelligent Supply Chain, a unique offering combining the strengths of Siemens AX4, Siemens MindSphere and Atos Codex offerings.

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