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Establishing low-risk, flexible partnerships between established Financial Services providers and emerging FinTechs to deliver real business value

Where will your business be in 2020?

The digital era demands that traditional Financial Services providers shift their mind-set. Banks and insurers must move from product-centric to customer-centric business models. FinTechs will play a significant role in driving this transformation and the next few years we will see who will survive and thrive.

As a global leader in business technology for Financial Services, we understand what banks, insurers and Fintechs need to survive and thrive through the FinTech transition.

We offer a fast-track to onboard FinTechs into your ecosystem. To ensure these partnerships are successful, we are selective about the FinTechs, InsurTechs and RegTechs we engage with. We provide the technical resources to align and integrate your respective technologies. We also help you prepare go-to-market propositions, attract potential clients and deliver independent insights into the state of the FinTech market.

Our unique approach to creating FinTech value for you

We bring your Financial Services business together with FinTechs, InsurTechs and RegTechs to co-create new customer services.


FinHub consists of a team of industry thought-leaders and trend watchers who drive our community of pre-vetted, quality-assured and road-tested FinTechs. Via a stringent selection process, we identify, assess and partner with only those FinTechs that have the strongest possibility of delivering new value with us.


FinLab focuses on completing end-to-end customer journeys by bundling FinTech services to demonstrate ways to challenge the status quo. FinLab is a cloud-based API platform for you and your partners to create banking or insurance services. We provide the technical blueprints and integration support to fast-track your go-to-market proposition.


FinNet is our knowledge portal covering the latest trends in FinTech from around the world. Come back to learn about market developments, emerging sub-markets and forthcoming innovations.

FinHub: Meet our FinTech community

By selectively identifying and recruiting FinTechs into the FinHub community, we remove the effort of finding the right go-to-market partner. Our FinTech engagement program offers industrial-scale FinTech onboarding within just four weeks.

Each FinTech, InsurTech, or RegTech in the community has met strict due diligence criteria and offers significant growth potential via a partnership with Atos. We can vouch for these FinTechs because we are already working alongside them.

FinLab: Your new growth engine

With FinLab, our goal is to facilitate joint go-to-market propositions between your organization and a select group of FinTechs.

We provide the resources that encourage your teams to co-create new services via technology mashups or service bundling. In fact, we provide everything you need to get started in a matter of days:

  • Access to our FinHub community so you can partner with the right FinTechs
  • A cloud-based API platform, available anywhere at anytime
  • Technical blueprints, cloud frameworks and networking events
  • Integration of new FinTech propositions into your service environment
  • Legal, partnership and sales frameworks to define your relationships
  • Consulting advice on go-to-market, delivery and replication strategies
  • Customer-specific labs with joint investment between Atos and your organization to accelerate working with FinTechs.

The result is a faster route to new revenues and a way to ‘wow’ your customers as expectations continue to rise.

Fintech new growth engine

FinNet: Insights and resources

As our dedicated FinTech knowledge portal, FinNet presents regular updates on the state of the market. Here you will find the latest news on FinTechs, InsurTechs and RegTechs from around the world as well as ideas, opinions and research commissioned by Atos and its partners.

With the active involvement of the Atos Scientific Community – more than 135 experts drawn from across the business – we work towards anticipating the future trends in FinTech. You can find insights from these thought-leaders and highlights of our ongoing activity on the portal.

Atos solutions for Financial Services

We are committed to long-term engagement and investment in the FinTech sector. We are not participating solely as a service integrator but as an active partner to banks, insurers, FinTechs and technology incubators. By working together, we believe we can achieve lasting success – creating new ways to deliver value to Financial Services providers, FinTechs and end customers.

Whether your starting point is regulatory risk or robotic process automation, we focus on addressing your key digital transformation challenges. That is why our proven FinTech partnership culture and approach is fully aligned with our extensive portfolio of Financial Services solutions.

Atos solutions for financial services

Why Atos FinTech for your financial services business?

We know about FinTechs because we have one in the Atos group of companies – equensWorldline. Our investment in this disruptive leader in payments technology includes R&D into analytics, authentication, cryptographic security, blockchain, UX, wearables/zero-effort payment and AI. It also offers us a broad base of expertise from which to work with major players and emerging FinTechs. We already have the building blocks in place for successful service delivery because we use them ourselves – from CX and UX designers to cloud infrastructure and a team of business technologists dedicated to FinTech services.

This active involvement is crucial to our view of how FinTechs can shape and influence the future of Financial Services. It also means that we have already invested in the people, technology and networks to serve our Financial Services clients with an end-to-end approach to FinTech:

  • A community of FinTechs led by a team of industry thought-leaders
  • 200 people dedicated to FinTech consulting, implementation and delivery
  • Onshore and offshore development resources around the world
  • Local FinTech and digital transformation teams

Our FinTech experts

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