Atos competes in 3 global Aegon Hackathons to develop disruptive solutions

September 20, 2018

Atos has been chosen amongst 12 teams to compete in each of the three Aegon Hackathons, which take place simultaneously over 24 hours in Mumbai, India, Budapest, Hungary and Dallas, U.S. on September 20-21, 2018.

The Aegon Hackathon, created to promote Health & Wealth the world over, aims to find resolute and disruptive ideas to ensure people, where they may reside, have the opportunity and tools needed to live healthy and dignified lives.

Aegon will challenge its participants to help add more years to people’s lives and more life to their years by creating disruptive prototypes, which use the latest technologies such as robotics, IoT, data intelligence, artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Atos will present the following innovative ideas and disruptive solutions:

  • In Budapest – micro-pensions systems for the future of the informal workers based on Blockchain technology. The concept of a micro-pension system allows the participant to deposit what he can, when he can, with any amount
  • In Mumbai – parametric-based insurance powered by Blockchain and IoT. Parametric insurance will disrupt traditional insurance in the
  • In Dallas – Wolfie,a personal Health & Wellbeing assistant,is a friendly companion to the elderly that acts as a personal health assistant. Fully voice activated, Wolfie is a dedicated channel connecting a senior person living at home or in sheltered accommodation to their chosen circle of

Atos has worked as Aegon’s digital transformational partner since 2016 to rapidly deliver a seamless and intuitive customer journey whilst optimising key background systems. It puts customer experience at the heart of Aegon UK by building a state of the art CX Lab on site in its premises in Lytham.

Atos supports FinTechs and Financial Services companies with its global Fintech Partner Program which unites FinTechs, InsurTechs and RegTechs with top Financial Services businesses, to co-create and bring-to-market new services. It includes Atos Financial Services Sandbox, its cloud- based platform to facilitate the creation of new joint services and FinHub, a Fintech on- boarding program.