Creating seamless services for societies in transition for Stadt Vien – Case Study

Creating seamless services for societies in transition

Assisted by MyCity from Atos, cities like Vienna are adopting new ways to deliver a better service, higher quality care and more transparency while cutting costs and minimizing bureaucracy.

Societies are undergoing rapid transition. New technologies and multi-channel communications have created so many more ways to access the key services we all depend on to run our lives. As citizens, our expectations have never been higher. Whether we need to contact our local council, healthcare provider, crime unit or finance lender, we want to feel valued.

Creating a citizen-centric model built around total customer care requires automation of manual processes plus a high degree of integration across complex environments, something that many public service bodies have struggled to achieve with conventional approaches.

However, a new generation of MyCity solutions from Atos – MyCity incident, case and grant management services is proving extremely effective at consolidating disparate services in ways that benefit citizens, employees and organizations alike. By combining customer insight, business intelligence and a single customer view the MyCity incident, case and grant management framework can deliver a low-risk, highly flexible framework to enable this transformation. Built on a standard xRM software model, it is quick to implement, easy to scale and can be self financing within a year, as Vienna City Council and other forwardlooking organizations are discovering.

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Creating seamless services for societies in transition for Stadt Wien – Case Study

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