IT Reference Architecture for Healthcare – White Paper

Healthcare facilities are not only facing a changing environment, but the rules of the game are also changing.

The vast number of changes in healthcare arising from trends and developments within the market, as well as from legislation and regulations, is increasingly obliging healthcare facilities to take a critical look at their own processes. Exchange and availability of information for healthcare processes takes a central position within this context. The purpose of the ICT landscape which supports these processes is to make this information available to the right people, at the right time, in the right place.

The ICT organization within healthcare facilities is currently facing a fragmented system landscape which has undergone evolutionary growth. This landscape stands in the way of optimal information services, and therefore has significant consequences for the quality of the delivered care. In addition, this problem also has negative consequences for the operating costs of ICT.

Working under an ICT reference architecture, in order to organize the present landscape and make it transparent, can change this. Specifically aimed at the healthcare situation, the ITAH model provides this reference and is furthermore able to assist in creating the desired situation – the Digital Hospital.

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IT Reference Architecture for Healthcare – White Paper

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