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Real-time availability of information on securities and financial products is key to make the right business decisions but also to comply with changing regulations. Our data analytics platform, market expertise, and hybrid cloud infrastructure services allow you to monetize information, like building customized products for your clients so you can stay competitive.

Improving hit rates and revenues with dynamic client targeting

How Atos dynamic call list client targeting gives business teams deeper insights at this global Swiss investment bank

Unified view

of client data for dynamic recommendations

The challenge

The bank’s sales and research teams had to undertake a lot of work to identify new opportunities for existing clients. Weighing up past investments and the different ranks of current interests relied on lots of data. However, this was often unstructured and hard to sort, query, and then customize.

Our solution

We built a multi-modal recommendations engine to reduce the time that teams needed to spot opportunities. It is based on a ‘recency-frequency-monetary’ algorithm and collaborative filtering as well as big data analytics. The raw data is sorted so that it can be customized and queried depending on the client. With an intuitive interface, it allows teams to analyze client interests much more quickly and create targeted recommendations.

The results

With a unified view of enterprise data via the ‘data lake’ and self-service recommendations, the new platform is making a positive impact on sales. There are increased revenue opportunities from improved client targeting. Plus earlier insights into client trade or holding patterns so the sales team can spot new opportunities as soon as they arise.

Optimizing the reconciliation process with SyntBots

How Atos robotic process automation (RPA) is improving reconciliation performance at this U.S. investment firm

100% accuracy

on business rule executions

The challenge

Manual processes continue to cause problems in capital market institutions. At this particular investment firm, reconciliation was one area where it was proving difficult to move away from legacy workflows due to entrenched practices.

Our solution

Having looked at the reconciliation processes that could be automated, we identified areas such as holding, pending, cash, accrual, and foreign exchange, and deployed our SyntBots to perform the automation.

The results

Covering bank loans, fixed income, equities and derivatives, our SyntBots robotic process automation has delivered a 38% increase in reconciliation productivity. The cycle time has been cut by 60% and business rule executions are 100% accurate.

Partnering to drive growth through data monetization

How Atos joined forces with this global U.S custodian to enhance revenues via a next-gen data services platform

A single platform

for all sources of data

The challenge

Aggregating data from multiple sources is time-consuming but necessary. For this leading custodian, there was a unique opportunity to build services on top of the data. Yet bringing together information from internal systems such as the accounting platform as well as external sources such as Bloomberg or Reuters was a major barrier.

Our solution

We developed a DataGX-Next-Generation Data Service Platform that could act as a single repository for all data sources. It’s built on business rules that ensure data accuracy and covers continually updated fund and transaction information.

The results

By enriching individual data sources, standardizing the view, and speeding up the process, the platform offers a way to create new revenue streams. The custodian can now split and load larger fund files quickly. Lag times have been greatly reduced. And regression testing is performed by an automation script. So teams can spend more time with clients and less time on data management.

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