What is the future of the energy industry?


The move to net zero is becoming a full-speed charge, demanding agility from traditional energy companies as new oil and gas technology trends emerge.

Technology can mitigate future energy risks and exploit the new opportunities that a net zero carbon economy will bring. If the most valuable data is extracted and processed, it can unlock future value, but a key challenge is how to store it.

Atos understands the challenges presented by this new economic model. We have worked both at scale with some of the largest global energy companies, and with agile new entrants to deliver innovative energy solutions and digitally transform the future of energy. We have a wealth of experience in the industry, understanding the power of harnessing the right technology, at the right time, to drive the best value.

We work collaboratively to tackle the key business challenges most effectively, guiding companies towards the future of oil and gas and delivering the best outcomes from the rig to the retail outlet.

of the energy and utilities market will be seized by digital disruptors by 2021.

Customer transformation challenges

Separation dash

Atos takes a pragmatic approach, contributing to strategic thinking while remaining grounded in the practical application of digital innovation in the oil and gas industry across four areas critical to our clients.

Customer experience

You can only build and maintain customer loyalty if you know your private and fleet customers and know how they behave

Operational excellence

Achieving excellence means re-examining well-established processes in terms of digital communication and collaboration.

Business reinvention

For companies eager to establish new revenue streams in oil and gas, newly connected business models are now the key.

Trust and compliance

As contributors to essential infrastructure, oil and gas companies must be protected against both physical and cyberattack.

Energising your digital future

Renewables have become central to new operating models, with the emergence of energy prosumers as a reality.

Data and digital technologies are playing a key role in this transformation. Discover how Atos contributes to shaping the new energy world.


A focussed approach for digital transformation in oil and gas.

Exploration, Production, Transport and Refining

New mobile and collaborate practices, digital refinery and Industry 4.0 have now changed the game

Asset Optimisation

Obtain maximum value from your assets to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.

What our clients say about us

Proactive application management for BP

Atos has worked proactively with BP in Germany to improve the quality, responsiveness and cost of service. We also took responsibility for 60 application clusters for BP which in turn comprised around 200 individual applications.

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