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Employ the best of IT technology in the field

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Atos is a trusted partner of defence organisations worldwide. We create advanced high-end systems to ensure efficient operations, from observation to action.

Providing the relevant information to the right person at the right time has become a critical issue for defence organisations, in order to counter new threats and gain the advantage in the digitised battlefield. As a result, there is a high need to maximise information sharing and cooperation within all organisations and allies.

Atos delivers global combat information systems that provide real tactical advantage in the battlefield.

Customer transformation challenges

Separation dash


Look at digital transformation in defence from four perspectives

Customer experience

Provide user-friendly but tactically-oriented innovations that integrate seamlessly with the tools and processes already at the personnel’s disposal.

Operational excellence

Adapt to a rapidly changing operational environment with higher levels of agility and adaptability.

Business reinvention

Place interoperability at the top of the agenda to work effectively between involved organisations.

Trust and compliance

Protect your data by ensuring the entire information value chain is secured – from observation to action.


Key services for defence organisations

Battlefield Management System

Sharing combat information everywhere on the battlefield


Correlating multiple data sources to deliver relevant information

Foundation IT Systems

Getting you through your digital transformation

Scorpion Combat Information System

Scorpion combat information system

With Atos, the units of the French Army will benefit from an information system that gives them real tactical advantage. As an effective weapon in itself, the superiority provided by the Scorpion CIS (SICS) will boost the forces’ power on the battlefield.

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UK Solutions

Key services for our clients

Hybrid Cloud

Orchestrating secure hybrid cloud platforms and ecosystems to maximise the value of IT as a Force Multiplier.

Cloud Service Integration

World-leading integration including security, service management, data management, governance and standardisation for delivering agile, evergreen, flexible and secure digital services.

Data Analytics

Joining up and getting value from data through real-time data-driven insights to improve decision-making and performance in the field and across your enterprise.

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