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Welcome to this Cybersecurity Magazine first edition!

Atos Cybersecurity Magazine offers inspiring insight into current developments in cybersecurity. In this first edition, representatives from industry, business and innovation share their vision and strategy to contribute to the future of IoT and OT security. To secure environments that are not inherently secured is not always easy and does not start by just adding security controls. It is about prioritizing the most critical processes, systems and potential sources of attacks or vulnerabilities. Security is about identifying, managing and setting up a strategy.

We cordially invite you to discover the articles and contributions below and wish you lots of inspiration reading them!

Read the foreword by Eyal Asila

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Atos designs, delivers and manages holistic cybersecurity products and services for our client’s environments that have Internet of things (IoT) devices and operational technology (OT) deployed. Our cybersecurity offerings include Atos’s IoT security suite, OT security suite, PSOC for OT/IoT (prescriptive security operations center) and Atos cybersecurity professional services.


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