Dear community,

We are pleased to share with you our first issue of Atos Cybersecurity Magazine, a quarterly publication featuring articles and stories about all aspects of cybersecurity. Our main objective is to create a space to share ideas, bring awareness about the importance of cybersecurity to all and give the right insights to better face digital security challenges.

In this first issue, we are focusing on operation technology (OT) and the Internet of Things (IoT). For that reason, we have gathered a group of members who have shared their stories and written insightful articles from IoT platforms to OT security.

As technology brings operational technologies online, the boundaries between IT and OT are becoming vaguer to identify. Not only the distinction among these environments is blurry, but also the identification of the security risks associated with them. In this context, the concept of IT-OT convergence has become a strong business leader in our customers’ daily conversation.
We believe it is fundamental to present the progress Atos has made on security and how our teams are actively participating and contributing to secure these complex environments.

This Cybersecurity Magazine is a joint effort of several cybersecurity teams. We invite you to let us know which topics interest you. We will do our best to improve our next issues with your feedback, as well as to share with you always more valuable information.

Thank you for reading this magazine and looking forward to future cooperation.

Best regards,

Eyal Asila
Head of Global Cybersecurity Consulting Group, Atos

What are the risks identified in
OT environment?


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