Atos single pane of glass for OT, IoT & IT Security

Atos designs, delivers and manages holistic cybersecurity products and services for our client’s environments that have Internet of things (IoT) devices and operational technology (OT) deployed.

Our cybersecurity offerings include Atos’s IoT security suite, OT security suite, PSOC for OT/IoT (prescriptive security operations center) and Atos cybersecurity professional services.

We provide our clients with three fundamental building blocks for a successful single pane of glass security:



You cannot protect what you cannot see:

Visibility is critical. Organizations must have an efficient asset inventory and asset classification.



Guarantee alignment with security policy:

Granular compliance management helps to enforce security policies and adapt them to industrial and IoT environments.



Detect and mitigate industrial threats in real-time:
Monitoring IT and OT environments helps to bring threat detection for industrial companies and critical infrastructure to the next level. By combining information from different sources, a coordinated attack can be swiftly detected, and the proper countermeasures deployed.

Atos cybersecurity consulting services for IoT/OT augment our client’s staff with professional consultants in risk assessment, IoT/OT red teaming and penetration testing, organizational risk and security assessment, vulnerability assessment, security architecture development and deployment, and managed security services.

The AtosIoT security suite provides our clients with identity lifecycle management to provision and manage devices and their digital identities. This embedded security protects devices and sensors without compromising performance while maintaining the lightweight design and functionality of IoT devices. The native suite integrations with IoT platforms, such as MindSphere, enable secure communications and authenticated access for management and operations of IoT.

The AtosOT security suitemanages security functions in highly complex networks, keeping security at the forefront of your environment while maintaining critical availability of your systems. Manage your network segmentation authentication authorization for devices to ensure secure and authorized access to your IT/OT converged environments while retaining visibility into the deployment, management and security of OT devices.

The Atos IoT/OT cybersecurity product and services enable our clients to assess, deploy and manage highly-available, secure operations no matter what their organization’s security maturity is.

IDnomic for objects is a fully-featured certificate authority and registration authority for management of enterprise IT/IoT/OT public key infrastructure, capable of integration with various standards including IoT and OT lightweight communications protocols to deliver secure certificates to all.

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IDnomic for transactionsenables secure messaging, blockchain ledger for secure transactions, and digital signatures to manage secure communications for IoT and OT networks and transactions.



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Trustway HSM for IoT is a high transaction-per-second, FIPS 140-2 certified hardware encryption module capable of delivering on-demand, reliable encryption functions to IoT/OT environments including tokenization, message encryption and validation, certificate issuance and key storage.

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O_drawer Trustway HSM

Trustway Proteccio HSM delivers cryptographic functions for multiple uses while maintaining network segregation and compartmentalization of encryption functions within a physical hardware security module appliance, reducing your security management costs and infrastructure footprint.

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Atos PSOC for IoT/OT manages eye-on-glass security operations for IT and OT converged environments and facilitates rapid deployment of security, while connecting securely through your IT infrastructure. Couple these managed security services with inventory and asset management and configuration management for deployed OT, and enjoy an end-to-end, secure management solution for your IT/IoT/OT environments. Atos’s first European IoT CERT specialized in IoT Security (following the acquisition of offers in-depth visibility on the IoT threat landscape and advanced IoT vulnerability-lab to assess the security of smart devices.

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