The Atos Digital Workplace Mission


We believe that IT can and should have a massive positive impact on employee’s perception of their workplace.

We believe that a Digital Workplace empowers  employees to support the digital transformation, making them more productive, agile, and engaged.

Atos provides a comprehensive and modular approach to digital workplace transformation and we commit to business outcomes.

Workplace as a Service Offering


Workplace as a Service combines three elements to bring an excellent workplace experience to employees while data and user devices are kept safe. The workplace transformation and management contract is based on an eXperience Level Agreement (XLA) to ensure the employee workplace experience, in this subscription based offering. The offering can be extended to Meeting rooms as well, see our Meeting room as a Service to learn more.

The Workplace as a Service is completely managed, from provisioning to ongoing support enabling your IT resources to focus on mission critical tasks.

The Workplace as a Service solution consists of several building blocks. You can take the complete solution, or start with 1 of the services that fits your business goals. Click on the service element below to learn more.


Chromebooks are laptops,
detachables and tablets
powered by Chrome OS

Collaboration services:

Transforming work
by enabling employees to work faster,
smarter and more collaboratively

G Suite Circuit

Success management:

Services by Atos to deliver a personal,
user centric workplace experience

Our main partners for G Suite

7 top benefits of the Atos Digital Workplace powered by the Google platform

Greater productivity via intelligent, simple and consistent apps on any device

Built-in security and robust compliance by a zero trust security framework

Innovative contract model – commitment to measurable user satisfaction and adoption rates tied to XLAs, an industry first

Cost optimization through self service, automation & virtual agents*

In one step into a 100% cloud environment making the workplace more agile

Easy utilization of Google Cloud platform for technologies as Search, Maps, Analytics and AI & ML

Improved satisfaction – companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202%

Enhance Real-time Collaboration

Maven Wave specializes in digital transformation solutions for large enterprises and is part of the Atos family. Maven Wave’s strengths in digitalizing business with Google Cloud combined with Atos’ global scale positions us to be the top Google Cloud services partner globally. Together, we accelerate the speed of digital transformation for our customers.

Highlights of the Atos Workplace as a Service offering

Security Focus

Content is in the cloud and we create a security profile according to your preferences in the setup workshop to align with your security policies. Atos monitors, reports and responds to security events.

XLA Managed

Atos measures and manages the employee experience based on the eXperience Level Agreement (XLA), ensuring they are effective and your organization is productive.

Subscription based

Both the one-time setup and migration activities as well as the on going activities are bundled to prevent any upfront investments and provides flexibility in costs.

Why switch?

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At Atos we believe that IT can and should have a massive positive impact on employee’s perception of their workplace.

We believe that a Digital Workplace helps to empower the employee to support the digital transformation, to make them more productive, more agile, more engaged. Our focus is on transforming the employee experience journey, with a holistic view, not just technology, but a structured approach addressing technology, skills, mindset, commitments, rewards and process optimization. We will achieve this by delivering an excellent consumer grade experience, gathering insights from data and getting smart with AI and Machine Learning.

With G Suite you offer your employees the ability to reimagine how they work.

Three assets to illustrate our offering

User assistanceReportingEvergreen IT
Atos has developed a G Suite sidepanel add-on to personalize the workplace communication with users.The cloud native approach enables the measurement and reporting of the workplace environment, giving unique insights in effectiveness.G Suite and Chrome are constantly updated to ensure a state-of-the-art solution. Atos determine impact of those changes and discuss required action.

Market Sector References

Financial Services & Insurance

The strict compliance and regulations in this market are a good reason to switch to G Suite and keep all information secured in the cloud. The innovative character of G Suite also supports the FinTech industry to attract and retain the best talent in the market.

Manufacturing, Retail & Transport

The well-known Google brand in the consumer market supports the trend of consumerization of IT. The familiarity of the Google services supports the digital journey of less technically skilled workers.

Public Sector & Health

The excellent mobile features and consistency across systems of the Google workplace brings a lot of power to deskless workers in hospitals and the care industry. While the transparency and the speed of the G Suite services are appealing to the public sector. 

Telecom, Media & Utilities

Speed up the digital transformation journey via collaboration and data insights with the help of G Suite and BigQuery.

Find G Suite customer reference in your market

Frequent Asked Questions

Q: Can I bring my existing (G Suite / Circuit) licences into this offering?
A: If you are already a G Suite or Circuit customer, but want to upgrade to our managed workplace offering, we can integrated you existing licence into the price. Please contact us to prepare a special quote.

Q: What is the normal timeline for the G Suite setup service?
A: The setup service consists of 10 workshop topics that result in a High Level Design (HLD) document and a Low Level Design (LLD) document. After approval of those documents the configuration is finalised and the service is integrated in the current IT landscape via change request to the current IT team. This process depends on the complexity of your current environment.

Q: Do you offer this also for Office 365?
A: As a leader in the Digital Workplace market Atos provided several ‘as-a-Services’ offerings. Device subscription services, Microsoft based solutions, Office 365, WorkplaceOne, Citrix solutions are examples of the Atos Digital Workplace services. See for generic overview of Atos Digital Workplace and

Q: What is the SLA? What are the Terms-of-Services?
A: As the offering consists of a complete package, covering both hardware devices, software licences and Atos services the ToS is a combination of the individual parts. As part of the ordering form you will find the links to the relevant (online) documents.

Q: Are you partner of Google?
A: Atos is a global premium partner of Google Cloud (which includes GCP and G Suite). In 2019 Atos has won the breakthrough award at Google Next19. Read more about the partnership.

More questions?

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The calculator below estimates the prices of your personal selection, for a contract of 1000 users for 3 years. You can mail the pricing of your selection to your personal mailbox. Contact Atos for follow up or to discuss specific contract options.


Thank you for entering your requirements, please find below your summarized price, per user, per month.

Assuming a minimal contract for 3 years, for at least 1000 persons. Note: The calculator provide you an example scenario, based on stated assumptions and the selection you make. The price is not a binding offer.

Monthly per user:



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The offering is focused on delivery via the following countries: AT, BE, CH, ES, FR, GE, IT, NL, UK&I, US. Contact us for more information.

Whilst every care is taken to ensure the pricing information is correct, no responsibility is accepted by Atos for its accuracy. Actual prices may vary depending upon the date of purchase, currency of payment, and the type of agreement you enter with Atos. Contact us if you need assistance or additional information on pricing.

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