Virtru Overview


Pairing Virtru’s data-centric, end-to-end encryption with Atos’ TrustWay Hardware Security Module (HSM), customers can securely migrate to the cloud while ensuring that their data is never accessible to their cloud provider or other third parties. The Atos HSM brings an extra security layer by further protecting the keys used to encrypt the customers’ data and generated by Virtru. This solution is available on-premise or as-a-Service, depending on customer requirements.

Master encryption keys are stored in Atos Trustway HSM and Virtru Customer Key Server (CKS) is used to facilitate communication between the HSM and Virtru ACM. Leveraging the PKCS #11 or KMIP protocols, CKS processes encryption and decryption requests on the Virtru platform by relying on Atos HSM that sequesters Atos-managed private keys. Virtru ACM continues to support authorization workflows on the front-end. The solution enables organizations to maintain complete control of all of their Virtru-protected data.


Working with established Google resellers like Atos and Maven Wave, Virtru is able to offer our data protection and sharing solutions to new markets and customers. Together, we give your customers the freedom to focus on their mission, innovate, and realize the true potential of their data.

Key Features


Unaltered user experience

Control over data encryption keys

Enhanced email security features (expiration date, forbid forwarding, watermarking)

Capacity to send encrypted email to anyone, even outside your organization

Reasons Why Atos Recommends Virtru


As organizations deploy digital transformation programs and move their environments to the cloud, they often find that existing security solutions are difficult to use and hinder the sharing of data. Together, Atos and Virtru work to prevent cloud providers from accessing their most sensitive data. By enhancing email security and maintaining data ownership and enabling collaboration, while preserving cloud-native features, Virtru and Atos enable organizations to fully experience the digital workplace.

The joint solution is offered as part of Atos’ Data Sanctuary service, providing a secure digital workplace in a cloud environment built upon three objectives: Security, Sovereignty, and Collaboration. Virtru enhances the Data Sanctuary by protecting private and regulated data across cloud-based and hybrid environments.

See also the Atos press release on the partnership to offer a data security solution.


Veolia is the global leader in optimized resource management. With more than 170,000 employees worldwide, the Company has to be at the forefront of digital communication to ensure optimal communication between business units and geographies. Veolia is making strategic use of G Suite to create fast, cost effective IT decision and implementation processes. The Atos solution will allow Veolia employees to confidently manage their most sensitive documents through a collaborative environment based securely in the cloud – and benefit from the G Suite user experience.

See Google reference case on Veolia and the Atos press release on G Suite security.

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