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Discover here more stories on how to unlock the potential of virtual dimensions in your business from our Scientific Community members.


Welcome to this series of podcasts inspired by Atos’ latest Scientific Community publication “Unlocking virtual dimensions”.

Episode 1

Four new modes of interaction

Episode 2

New modes of value

Quantum Computing

Exploring the use cases for Quantum technology

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Unlocking Virtual Dimensions for Healthcare and Life Sciences


To the metaverse, yes, but far beyond

Virtual dimensions could hold almost limitless opportunities for businesses to escape physical constraints and solve all manner and scale of problems.

Is the metaverse a boon for the entertainment industry?

Here's how sports leagues, musicians, artists and content creators can benefit from the metaverse and NFTs.

Edge, swarm, cloud and next-generation networks: Unlocking virtual dimensions

Atos’s latest emerging technology report shows how the evolution of three key technology trends is creating a virtual revolution that is extending and augmenting the physical world.

Quantum Time

Quantum computers are not general-purpose devices that will replace today’s computing solutions en masse; they will supplement or replace them for certain tasks only.

Three ways augmented humans can revolutionize the manufacturing business

Employees have embraced new freedoms arising from home and remote working. But what about organizations with a large frontline or shop floor workforce, like manufacturing?

Unlocking the code of life: mRNA, cybersecurity, and additive manufacturing

Even more amazing is the protein assembly line within ribosomes. Ribosomes link amino acids together in the appropriate sequence to make different types of proteins needed by our bodies.


Mary Sirois, global portfolio leader, shares key trends of Unlocking Virtual dimensions for healthcare

Find out more about Emerging technologies and business and societal trends for healthcare and life sciences organizations

Unlock the potential of virtual dimensions in your business

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