Our findings

Why you need to think differently when it comes to exploiting the full potential of digital technologies

In this report, the Atos Scientific Community has researched the potential and impact of a range of technology trends that are linked to the virtualization of physical systems.

Tokenization of value, artificial general intelligence, augmented reality and quantum simulations are all examples of areas that are challenging the way we think about economics, knowledge, ethics, personal interactions and even the very substance of our physical world.

Stretching physical boundaries

Discover trends from industry and society pushing the boundaries of physical operations in new and disruptive ways.

  • Augmented humans & Cobots
  • Edge & Swarm
  • Large-scale additive manufacturing
  • Healthcare for the underserved
  • The real carbon footprint

Crossing the divide

Understand and anticipate the challenges of moving to an ever-more virtualized world.

  • Cyber-AI
  • Digital resilience
  • Technology & regulation
  • Social impact of digital
  • Revisiting corporate digital responsibility
  • The impact of economic models on technology & society

New virtual paradigms

Explore some areas where new modes of operation, communication and value exchage redefine the art of the possible.

  • Moment-centric markets
  • Artificial general intelligence
  • Business ecosystems platforms
  • Quantum technology
  • Changing the communication game
  • Redefining communication models

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