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Atos has been approved as a seller to the Australian Government @ Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) Marketplace

Towards the new hybrid society

“We are living in a world where cloud security and data management are crucial. As digital the transformation of public services is already happening, accelerated by Covid-19 pandemic, the amount of data generated is gigantic. When Governments can ensure their citizens that this ever-increasing amount of data is processed in a secure and intelligent way, they can not only provide better and faster public services but also generate trust and provide leadership in times of serious challenges and disruption.

We are pleased to be supporting Federal Agencies in leveraging use of digital technologies to help them serve the community.”

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Mike Green

Managing Director, Atos Australia & New Zealand

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DTA Marketplaces

Atos has been approved to the following DTA Marketplaces:

Cloud Marketplace
Hardware Marketplace
Software Marketplace
Telecommunication Marketplace

The marketplaces are available to all federal, state, territory and local government agencies. You can find our offerings on DTA’s Buy ICT platform.

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Atos offers 5 solutions to transform public services:

BullSequana S

Powering enterprise Artificial Intelligence

To tackle enterprise Information Technology (IT) challenges and enable businesses to take full advantage of Artificial Intelligence, Atos has brought to the market a range of highly scalable and flexible x86 servers, BullSequana S and Edge, powered by Intel® Xeon® processor Scalable family optimised for machine-learning,
business critical computing applications and in-memory environments. BullSequana S reaches the highest level of quality of service, performance, availability and scalability to meet IT departments’ existing and emerging demands.

Organisations can rely on data and AI technologies to adapt and tackle problems with brand new and efficient solutions:

  • Enterprise AI: By combining classical computing capacities with GPUs to adapt to AI/Machine Learning needs, the BullSequana S can boost existing applications and power disruptive tools like chatbots.
  • Data lake and analytics: The BullSequana S speeds up data lake environments deployments, scales as needs arise and dramatically simplifies the lifecycle of news applications using the data.
  • In-memory computing: Superior scalability, availability and service ability coupled with top notch performance make it the ideal scale-up platform for large in-memory databases.
  • Virtualisation & cloud: BullSequana S is the go-to server for the private part of an hybrid cloud.


Moving to a secure, flexible, cost-efficient cloud environment

Atos OneCloud has been designed to meet the needs of citizens, governments, and public agencies by giving them essential agility, cost-efficiency and sustainability. Atos OneCloud aims at developing a digital strategy based on business drivers and defines an actionable path forward in the digital transformation journey of government organisations.

What makes Atos OneCloud unique?

  • Collaborative and agnostic – Designed uniquely for you, with flexibility and no vendor lock-in
  • Uniquely advanced security – To protect your national sovereignty and security
  • World leadership in decarbonisation – Your route to a lower carbon footprint
  • Pioneering in AI and edge – Bringing you evergreen and emerging technology
Atos- Unify Circuit

Unify Office

Communicate & Collaborate from anywhere and at any time

Unify Office is the new cloud team collaboration and communications service delivered by Atos Unify in partnership with RingCentral, a market leader in UCaaS. It delivers everything that modern team members need in one place, on any device and from any location.

Unify Office by RingCentral offers several benefits to customers, including:

  • Simplicity: One vendor, One offer, One solution.
  • Work from anywhere: Users can communicate via Message, Video or Phone on any device, from anywhere.
  • Open Platform and Integrations: Easily integrate Unify Office with existing business applications.
  • Direct integration with Microsoft O365 either via plugins or Direct Routing and Google Workplace.
  • Enhanced user experience: dark mode for easier viewing and to reduce energy consumption by display devices.
  • Carbon footprint reduction: individual servers consolidated into a highly efficient central data center, which reduces the carbon impact of the technology.
Evidian IDaaS


Guaranteeing confidentiality of data

Part of Atos’ cybersecurity product portfolio, theEvidianrange of solutions enables a step-by-step integrated approach to identity and access management. By using Evidian, organisations are better able to operate their key business processes with ultimate security, comply with regulatory requirements and respond to change with speed, flexibility and control over their data access.

Evidian Access Management can unlock the full potential of agencies’ smartcard infrastructure:

  • Conserve resources for tasks: The Evidian Single Sign-On (SSO) reduces the workload of the support team by eliminating lost passwords for applications and guaranteeing access availability.
  • Rationalise access procedures: Create or remove rights directly within digital resources, in accordance with the access policy.
  • Comply with regulatory confidentiality: Facilitate regulatory compliance by creating an inventory of the actual rights of all current users to access information systems.


Creating more value out of data

AMPs7 platform – conceived and developed inAustraliadelivers smart logistics support via a web-based application that can be readily integrated into legacy systems. The platform can be scaled to match the requirements of any organisation, enabling a tailored approach to project implementation, and addresses four key challenges:

  • Predictive maintenance: Asset failure prediction, Smart data management, Real time reporting
  • Decentralised architecture: Offline access and sync, Self-analysing and monitoring, ESRI and Google mapping options
  • Advanced asset Management: Life cycle reading management, Micro-asset management, Big data ready
  • Flexibility: Configurable process and logic, Rapid integration tools, SSO Active Directory Integration

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Customer stories

Western Australian Government

Accelerating Western Australia’s digital transformation with cloud-based infrastructure and communications services

State government agency – United States

When COVID-19 inquiries skyrocketed to 70,000/day, Atos helped this state agency lower the abandonment rate from 83% to less than 1% in one week.

State Government of South Australia

The Managed Platform Services Panel enables the State of South Australia to access, store and process data in a way that is safe and reliable.

State Government Health

Atos has been supporting a State Government public health system by transitioning and digitizing their ICT systems on Cloud platforms. The solutions and services provided by Atos enable the public health system to gain governance over cloud consumption, cybersecurity and compliancy.

Metropolitan Police

The Met, like many other police services, is undertaking a digital transformation to deal with the challenges of changing crime and the need to engage better with the citizens of London, whilst proving value for money.

Australian Department of Defence

Atos’ swift response to the Covid-19 pandemic meant that within four weeks, training modules went from the traditional location-based training to an online cloud-based solution.

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