AMPS7 - Asset Management Platform

Improving business bottom line by transforming asset performance

AMPS7 is Atos’ latest release of Asset Management and Planning system. AMPS7 continues the tradition of providing an extremely broad and in depth capability in Asset management that goes well beyond the traditional maintenance management system. AMPS7 has been designed and built to meet ISO55000 Asset Management standards and with technology that can support many asset and industry configurations.

Designing the future with AMPS7

AMPS7 is adapted to our new world. Australian developed, the platform has been tailored to be flexible, adaptable and reliable. This new version of Asset Management Platform aims to transform the way we approach asset management.

Australian made AMPS7 has been built by Atos Australia & New Zealand, a trusted partner for your digital journey, to fit the needs of a large range of organizations.

Accessible Getting access to high level maintenance data and drilling down into the detail has never been easier with AMPS7 with in-built, configurable dashboards, available across all devices.

Any Device Visual modeling that can run on any device or platform: AMPS7 delivers asset data to any device anywhere at any time.

Anywhere AMPS7 includes a deployable synchronisation tools and decentralized architecture to support offline service operations.

Always Ready AMPS7 is Digital Platform Ready, IOT ready, Digital Twin Ready, ERP/SAP plug and play.

Adaptable Highly configurable, AMPS7 can adapt to any business process. The AMPS7 Workflow engine turns business and thought processes into well defined, easily built, effectively executed, trackable and traceable, automated
work flows.

Advanced Analytics AMPS7 captures real-time data in the real world. It interprets data in the relevant context and creates Advanced Data Analytics reports based on historic data and predictive algorithms.


Asset Maintenance

  • Planning and scheduling
  • Comprehensive maintenance planning
  • Iterative planning
  • Job costing

Life cycle management

  • Reservation
  • Purchase
  • Planning
  • Inventory


  • Custom workflow editor
  • Workflow process builder
  • Multi-faceted planning workbench
  • Configurable UI/UX

Data management

  • External & internal systems integration
  • Scheme management
  • Integration customizer
  • Data mapping
  • Reporting

Advanced features

Predictive maintenance

  • Asset failure prediction
  • Smart data management
  • Real time reporting

Advanced asset management

  • Life cycle reading management
  • Micro-asset management
  • Big data ready

Decentralized architecture

  • Offline access and sync
  • Self-analysing and monitoring
  • ESRI and Google mapping options


  • Configurable process and logic
  • Rapid integration tools
  • SSO Active Directory Integration

Our vision of a decarbonized digital future


AMPS7 helps increase performance, profitability and decarbonization with remote maintenance and data driven decision making.

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Renom Energy Services

Atos has created a tailored solution
including Digital Twin and AMPS7,
enabling Renom Energy Services to
create more value out of data at a
reduced cost.

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