AMPS7 - Asset Management Platform

Improving business bottom line by transforming asset performance

Atos’ Australian Made AMPS7 platform delivers smart logistics support via a web-based application that can be readily integrated into legacy systems. The platform can be scaled to match the requirements of any organization, enabling a tailored approach to project Implementation.​

​AMPS7 platform has been tailored to be flexible, adaptable and reliable. This new version of Asset Management & Planning Platform aims to transform the way we approach asset management.

One platform, endless possibilities.

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The platform addresses four key challenges

Flexibility: cross industry enterprise asset management and logistics platform fitting the needs of a large range of organizations.

Operational effectiveness: smart management of data and resources, increase productivity and ultimately decrease operational and lifecycle costs

“Digital platform” readiness: able to connect to drones, IoT and Digital Twin ready, powered by digital analytics, with ERP/SAP plug-and-play and a cross application workflow

Deployability: deployable synchronization tools and decentralized architecture to support offline service operations.

Why AMPS7?

Best in class

Asset-centric management system (AMS) designed to support and deliver ISO 55000 asset management plans.

Low code development platform

Unlocks speed and agility of deployment at a reduced cost

Offline remote service operations

Supported by bespoke Automated Deployable Synchronization (ADS) tools.

Any device, anywhere, anytime

The platform supports modern mobile user interface and can run on any phone, any tablet.

Workflow engine

Allows users to customise and overlay processes using automated task flows

Predictive maintenance

Made possible by leveraging Digital Twin, historic data, predictive algorithms and reporting.

Atos differentiators


We are committed to offset all our residual carbon emissions by 2028 and we support our customers in their Net-Zero journey


We are #2 in managed security services worldwide

Our people

We bring the diversity of our people’s backgrounds and skills to make choices that will have positive economic, social and ethical impacts on business and humanity tomorrow

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The future of asset management

Are you ready for the challenges and opportunities of managing applications in a multi-vendor, multi-cloud, hybrid environment?

Australian Government Digital Transformation Agency

Atos has been approved as a seller to the Australian Government @ Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) Marketplace

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