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What will digital security look like in the years to come? In this second edition of the Atos Digital Security Magazine, representatives from industry, business and innovation explored the trends that are transforming digital strategies worldwide and how they are impacting digital security.

Led by the convergence of the digital and physical worlds, digital security is moving from a highly distributed scene to a world where safety and digital and physical security will be intertwined.

Let us accompany you in this digital security journey and discover the articles and contributions below. We hope you will enjoy them and wish you lots of inspiration reading them!

Read the foreword by Eyal Asila

Enter a new cybersecurity era

Digital Security
Explore why a leading chemical manufacturer chose Managed Detection and Response to secure intellectual property at its centers from online threats. Chemical solutions company transforms cybersecurity from reactive to proactive The importance of hiring young female talent is crucial for Atos to pioneer the future of digital security. We strive to encourage women to pursue cybersecurity. Read how Atos aligns with the revolutionary changes the entire world is undergoing driven by the convergence of the digital and physical worlds. The genesis of Atos Managed Detection and Response Service “If you are blind anywhere, you are blind everywhere.”. Discover how managed detection and response (MDR) helps detect deep attacks across all environments. Security consulting in the Digital Age In the Digital Age, consultants must pursue outcomes beyond compliance and incidents concerns and deliver advisory services accordingly. Space is one of the largest upcoming challenges on the horizon. Discover how satellite signal integrity can be protected. Securing the democratization of Space A day in the life: intelligence-driven threat hunting Discover the life of a threat hunter on his search for malicious activities using intelligence-driven tools. The challenge of gender diversity in cybersecurity Is homomorphic encryption (HE) the future of Cloud security? In this blog, our expert explains what is HE and what its potential applications and challenges. The challenges of homomorphic encryption Securing data in aviation comes with several challenges. It is essential to preserve the continuity of on-board processes and the security of communication networks. The two sides of the operational technology security equation (and why it’s risky to focus on only one) “Why is the standardization and availability of security technologies for operational technologies and Internet of Things devices so far behind from traditional information technology?” The convergence of IT and OT is one of the leading security challenges that any industry faces today. In this blog, Ørsted shares how they addressed it. Dassault Aviation project: A team that excels in customer delivery The voice of the customer: Ørsted

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