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2020 was a challenging year. The pandemic changed all of our lives and brought many personal and professional challenges. Those challenges have exposed both strengths and weaknesses in individuals, societies and businesses, and in particular they have revealed just how dependent our world is on digital technology.

While digital technologies became essential enablers during these unprecedented times, we have also observed flaws in some enterprises’ digital strategies and an increase in digital threats.
Nine out of ten coronavirus internet domains are reportedly scams, and hundreds of thousands of video conferencing accounts are up for sale on the dark web. Brute force attacks are up by more than 400%, and fake news articles and misinformation have become more viral than the virus itself.

As stated in our recent thought leadership paper ‘Preparing for the rebound after the COVID-19 crisis’, viable long-term solutions must holistically address the opportunities and challenges of digital. Businesses and society alike must achieve mastery of technology through ensuring that it adds demonstrable operational value rather than allowing it to become a constraining millstone that is only ever perceived as a cost.

At Atos, we always strive to find new ways to address the security threats our clients face. In this edition, you will discover a day in the life of one of our threat hunters, learn about the challenges of business/technology convergence as well as securing assets in space, and find out about new encryption techniques. We will also cover the important role that women play in cybersecurity and give you the opportunity to hear from our customers in their own words.

With new threats and new digital technologies taking center stage, our goal is to share insights from a group of our experts and provide a perspective on the challenges of digital security and how each industry can adapt and respond to today’s changing security needs and processes.

We hope you will enjoy the read and the digital security journey ahead with us.

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Eyal Asila
Head of Digital Cyber Consulting Practice

Enter a new cybersecurity era


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