Atos and Texas DIR

Mainframe Modernization

Mainframe Modernization of DIR’s mainframe services to enable seamless delivery of information and communication technologies to current and future Texas DIR channel customers.

Those customers include State Agencies, Public and Private Higher Education Institutions and School Districts (K-12), Local Governments, Assistance Organizations, Public Hospitals and Public Institutions outside of Texas. Mainframe Modernization comprises:

Mainframe Management: Uniform and consistent management of Mainframe data processing, monitoring and reporting on mainframe configuration, and assistance in automating mainframe systems and processes.

Consolidation: Consolidated mainframe computing for eligible customers that meets mainframe computing needs and legislative processing requirements, mitigates security risks, and fills gaps in skillsets to provide more effective services to constituents.

Refresh Mainframe Storage Infrastructure: Enabling optimization and providing improved performance and flexibility to adapt to a changing environment.

Optimization of Mainframe Services: Allowing the agencies to capitalize on software-defined data center elements when available, leveraging the Texas Private Cloud, taking advantage of orchestrated and automated operations.

Expand Automation: Deployment for mainframe services that complement and integrate with future services, tools and processes in place with DIR’s Shared Technology Services Program.

Benefits include:

  • State of the art Mainframe processors, disk and tape storage that is encrypted at rest and replicated to disaster recovery sites
  • Annual Mainframe DR testing with environment recovery in less than 24 hours, technical support for the operating system, third party software and database software (except for application management)
  • All hardware supplied by Atos – no capital expenses for the customer

To learn more about the Atos Portfolio for Public Sector and Defense, please visit:Atos Solutions and Services