Atos and Texas DIR

Enabling the Business of Government

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Atos and Texas DIR: Enabling the Business of Government

Atos has partnered with Texas DIR since 2012 to deliver services that are adaptive, resilient, affordable and secure. We are dedicated to helping Texas DIR meet its commitment to modernizing technical resources and digital capabilities amid an unprecedented growth in population and the concurrent rapidly evolving demand on infrastructure and resources. Most importantly, we are committed to doing right by Texas and the people who live here

In April 2020, Atos was selected by Texas DIR to deliver the Texas Private Cloud, a next generation private cloud transformation and artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. This modernization will automate processes, create efficiencies, free-up resources and improve service delivery quality for the state’s agencies and residents.

Atos was also chosen to provide Mainframe Modernization, transforming mainframe technology with enhanced automation and rapid, consistent delivery, enabling a modern Mainframe-as-a-Service (MFaaS) model for state government agencies that serve Texas business, education and citizens. For these DIR customers, Atos’ modernization allows crucial agency business, such as, child support and criminal justice, to access adaptive, resilient, affordable and secure mainframe services.

Given the breadth of Atos’ experience, we are uniquely qualified to support the Shared Technology Services (STS) program goals of facility consolidation, reducing costs, modernizing equipment, and increasing security and disaster recovery capabilities. Atos can help you and your agency achieve its mission.

Our people make the difference

Atos is working in partnership with public sector and defense putting digital technologies to work to make a difference in the lives of citizens and enabling a secure and decarbonized future for the people and the planet.

Helping governments open back up to serve its citizens. Supporting Defense organizations creating advanced high-end systems to ensure efficient operations and protecting populations.

That’s transformation for good.

Texas Private Cloud (TPC)

Mainframe Modernization

Your Atos Team

Next generation private cloud transformation and artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. Texas Private Cloud provides server computing, data center facilities and data center network management services for DIR’s government customers

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A state and local innovation hub in Austin, Texas, to develop new dynamic services for Texans and help keep the state a first choice for business and residential growth.

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Atos Texas DIR Account Team:
Rudy Montoya , Client Executive Partner
Margie Powers, Client Executive
Deirdre Somers, Client Executive
Harold Gilchrist, Chief Technology Officer

Atos Public Sector and Defense Team, North America:
Christine Gaines, Public Sector Head
Tony Encinias, Chief Technology Officer

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