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Introduction to Atos Health & Life Sciences

We have a vision of a world with a sustainable, high-quality global health system where people are empowered to enjoy health and wellbeing.

We use digital technologies to connect people and data across the healthcare and life sciences ecosystem to enable smart, secure and sustainable health and wellness for all.

Atos Healthcare Solutions

Integrating care and managed services

Whether you are looking to connect health teams to improve staff and patient communication or improve operational and clinical data insight, Atos is here to help. With over 7,000 cloud experts and 30,000 applications experts in-house we are in a unique position to support your digital transformation.

Our world-leading integrated services ensure high staff adoption of new technologies to improve modern ways of working and support the shift from paper-based systems to digital clinical workflows.

Explore our digital infrastructure services

Digital Health Workplace

  • Proactive mobile access and shared workstation management
  • Secure remote patient consultations with virtual waiting and meeting rooms
  • Intelligent data insights to improve clinical decision-making and patient outcomes
  • Meeting data privacy and security requirements in a highly regulated environment

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Data Centers & Hosting

  • Next generation private and sovereign cloud services with easy migration
  • Fully interoperable hybrid or multi-cloud services
  • Bare metal high-performance servers supporting business-critical applications
  • Cloud edge and far edge solutions, combined with 5G connectivity
  • EHR platform hosting

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Cybersecurity, Cloud Services & Data Interoperability

  • Transforming on-premise data centers to reduce costs and carbon emissions
  • Providing secured end-to-end services and greenfield application development
  • Securely migrating legacy and non-supported systems to the cloud
  • Consolidating data to provide a single patient view, operable from any device

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Managed Services

  • End-to-end managed services from scope, design, build and operational business solutions to ongoing user support
  • Measuring real-time impacts
  • System integration and implementation
  • Infrastructure optimization, to help reduce incidences by 60%
  • Identity, security and risk management

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Digital Vision for Health

Re-imagining health in the everything-connected world

Digital transformation is key to enabling healthcare organizations to meet urgent demands, improve patient outcomes and empower us all to look after our own health and wellbeing. Our Digital Vision for Health explores how health is evolving.

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The Future of Healthcare

Atos Cloud for Healthcare

The healthcare world is changing fast. New digital capabilities are unlocking the path to a new wave of precision medicine and data-driven medical research.

The Future Hospital

We asked industry experts what they believe hospitals of the future will look like, and it is clear that digital is integral to driving patient centricity.

Community Outreach: Hope Presbyterian Church

In October 2010, Fred Lebed, a group of ministers, Atos (Xerox) Executives, Rev. Leslie Sanders got together at one of Chicago’s iconic Soul Food restaurants. The point was to discuss how Atos can help make a difference in the residents’ lives in Chicago, specifically the Englewood community, a community (to this day) impoverished from high unemployment and an epidemic of violence.

Today, Atos and Hope Technology and Education Center uses computers to help curb violence in Englewood. Atos and HOPE TEC transforms lives and communities by equipping youth and adults to compete and excel in today’s technology-driven workforce. Currently, more than 5,000 participants have gone through this program.

In 2012, Hope TEC awarded a youth grant and launched an anti-violence initiative, teaching Chicago Public School students to keep their cool and settle conflicts peacefully. Atos has dispatched team members to be a part of press conferences in the past. In addition, President Preckwinkle, numerous Cook County Commissioners, local elected officials, local school Principals and teachers, and other community leaders have participated in press conferences. The Press Conference in 2020 highlighting the Youth Empowerment Virtual Summer program provided coverage for Hope TEC and ATOS. Hope TEC continues to provide their annual Youth Summer Program that operates, July through August. The participants are school-aged children, 5 to 12 years old. The staff consist of adults and youth. The range of educational services and activities includes Anti-Violence Prevention, Character Building, Art & Crafts, Computer Sessions, and Field Trips.

Current Hope TEC continues to build Chicagoland relationships and expand their adult computer training service to other organizations, including the Chicago Public School’s Parent University participants, the Cook County Health Hospital System employees, and other Community Based Organizations.

Meet the Cook County Team

Megan Banner
Senior Application Analyst

Professional Overview:

Project Management Experience. Optimization Redesign of Software, Workflows, etc. Integration Inpatient Designing

Years with Cook County Health: 1.5 years

Top Contributions to Cook County Health:
New Service Line: Electrophysiology
Auditing & Optimization of Cath Lab Charges (Supplies & Procedures)
Identifying & Resolving Issues that have active over several years in CV

Memorable event with Cook County Health: Electrophysiology Go-Live

Judi Bult
Pharmacy IT Analyst

Professional Overview: Former long-term employee at CCH Pharmacy including high level management positions with pharmacy focused IT skills

Years with Cook County Health: 35 years

Top Contributions to Cook County Health:

  • Implementation of Oracle EBS Inventory for Pharmacy-Analyst
  • URAC Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation for CCH Pharmacy as Project Manager
  • Implementation of EPCS (Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances) as Project Manager

Memorable event with Cook County Health: Positive impact of having implemented EPCS just prior to pandemic. EPCS allowed patients to get important medications without coming onsite to pick-up paper prescriptions.

Julie Collier
Executive Director of Hope Technology & Education Center

Professional Overview: Manages all aspects of the technology training and education center, overseeing daily operations, exploring training opportunities, creating marketing strategies, supervising student enrollment, and equipping clients with new and enhanced computer skills and workforce development talents.

Years with Hope TEC: 10+ years

Top Contributions to Hope TEC:

  • Built a website for public outreach and transformed a sizeable unoccupied facility room into a thriving technology and education center, using strategic grassroots efforts to market, enroll, educate, influence, and empower over 5,000 participants
  • Extending Hope TEC training services to one of the Chicago Public Schools, Parent Universities, Cook County Health Hospital System employees, and other community-based organizations, including Phalanx Family Services and Greater Auburn Gresham Development Corporation

Gina Coschino
HIS Analyst, Cerner Charge Services

Professional Overview: 21 years of Revenue Cycle experience. 5 years of Cerner Millennium Charge Services technical support including system implementation and successful operational adoption to a clinically driven revenue cycle. Extensive knowledge in Patient Access, Financial Clearance, Charge Capture, Hospital/Physician Coding, Billing/Accounts Receivables and cash/835 collections workflow. Managed many successful Revenue Cycle implementations. Effective problem-solving abilities and communication that help to identity system and workflow enhancements to streamline processes while improving proficiency for Revenue Cycle.

Years with Cook County Health: 1 year

Top Contributions to Cook County Health:

  • Cerner clinical view changed to be date of service driven. Reducing a high number of invalid late charge errors.
  • Audit completed of authorization order and CPT alignment. Optimized reimbursement by improving authorization approval rates and reducing denied claims
  • Successful Cerner CPA Patient Accounting implantation for Provident

Dennis Dean
Senior Programmer/ Application Analyst

Professional Overview:

Results-driven Software Engineer with 18 years of experience in Relational Databases and development/maintenance of complex and critical systems.

Served the Department of Defense, the United States Army, and different health systems around the globe.

Years with Cook County Health: 3 years

Top Contributions to Cook County Health:

  • P2Sentinel upgrade to 7.0 (Cloud version) for enhanced HIPAA compliance
  • COVID-19 Project (Reporting, Medication Labels, Data Extracts, Security).
  • Automation of Tele-Tracking data submission via API’s

Kavitha Deme
Senior Application Analyst

Professional Overview: Cerner client consultant, ranging from smaller single-hospital systems to some of the largest multifacility healthcare providers. I have 20 years of experience with Cerner Millennium Applications. I am skilled in building custom and standard MPages, creating CCL and DA2 Reports, and supporting Cerner Core applications

Years with Cook County Health: 2.5 years

Top Contributions to Cook County Health:

  • Created Dashboards for upper management using custom Mpages: – Covid Patient List dashboards, Vaccine Dashboards for various locations
  • Created OP Lab MPage for future orders – which helped front desk scheduling staff tremendously
  • Created many compliance reports for Nursing

Phyllis Dugar
System Analyst – Outpatient Pharmacy

Professional Overview: System analyst with over 30 years of IT experiences. Began professional experiences in the insurance and later transition to healthcare.

Years with Cook County Health: 17 years

Top Contributions to Cook County Health:

  • Pharmacy Software/Hardware Knowledge
  • Focus on application/system operations and maintenance for the Outpatient Pharmacy
  • Support of the Dental Clinics

Memorable event with Cook County Health: Asked to be the analyst over all of the outpatient pharmacies. That showed me how management trusted me to handle such a large group of users. I was so honored.

Vicki Eckart
Senior Application Analyst

Professional Overview: 14+ Years Cerner Registration Applications Not Revenue applications, Conversations, Worklists, Access Management, BedBoard, Access Management/PM History, Access Management/HIM/Transaction History and ADT Transactions. Customer Support/Help Desk with trying to resolve issues. Best at Troubleshoot Issues, especially Registration/Billing and making corrections

Years with Cook County Health: 14 years

Top Contributions to Cook County Health:

  • Patient Secure/Biometric (Palm Scanning)
  • Cerner Capacity Management Phase 1 at Providence
  • Cerner Patient Accounting (CPA) Phase 1 at Stroger

Chad Elowsky
Cerner Powerchart Analyst

Professional Overview: Been working for 30 years. 15+ years of hospital IT including Cerner and various other electronic health record experience. Worked at numerous hospitals throughout the country and in Canada. Traveled full time as a consultant and also have worked onsite in the hospital IT departments. Have a passion to help people including patients, clients, and coworkers to have better experiences through the use of information technologies

Years with Cook County Health: 8 years

Top Contributions to Cook County Health:

  • Cerner Anesthesia Go Live and Support at Provident and Stroger ORs
  • Assisted w/ the opening of the Professional Building from an IT standpoint
  • Covid Mass Vaccination Project and in person support @ vaccination sites

Jamie Foxworth
Senior Application Analyst

Professional Overview: Experienced Senior Analyst resource that has provided clinical systems support for numerous EMR full lifecycle implementation projects; including build, design, testing, training/education, implementation, pre/post deployment, post-conversion support, optimization, sustainment, updates and enhancements. She has 10 years professional experience managing Cerner EHR systems in Acute and Ambulatory environments.

Years with Cook County Health: 1 year

Top Contributions to Cook County Health:

  • FEMA Covid-19 Mass Vaccination Project
  • Cerner Amwell project

Teresa Kennedy
Clinical Analyst

Professional Overview: Cerner Iview documentation expert for Cook County. Bridge system – Blood transfusions and Breast Milk build and maintenance. Carecompass list setup and maintenance – for Nursing dept. Powerforms build and maintenance. Powerchart Maternity build and maintenance. Powerchart overall troubleshooting for issues usually through Incident requests sent in from Self-service ticketing system. System go-lives – code upgrades. Projects – Currently leading RT documentation optimization project

Years with Cook County Health: 11 years

Top Contributions to Cook County Health:

  • Iview
  • Bridge
  • PowerChart Maternity

Eric Klein
Senior Application Analyst

Professional Overview: Over 28 years of experience in the healthcare industry and healthcare informatics including 23 years of providing consulting services.

Experienced in developing custom adhoc reports using Cerner Command Language and Crystal Reports as well as developing Discern Expert Rules

Years with Cook County Health: 14 years

Top Contributions to Cook County Health:

  • Solution Architect for Cermak Health Services of Cook County. Cook County Jail and Cook County Juvenile Detention Center.
  • Discern Rules Developer for Cook County Health
  • CCL Programmer

Memorable event with Cook County Health: Spending several days/nights in jail supporting Cerner go-lives

Steve Kyrouac
Cerner Analyst

Professional Overview: Over 48 years in Hospital Information Systems beginning as a computer operator and advancing as a programmer, assistant manager and analyst

Years with Cook County Health: 20+ years

Top Contributions to Cook County Health:

  • Initial Cerner Install
  • Over the years support for Scheduling, Cerner security, Radiology, FirstNet, GE Fetal Tracings, Medical Records transcription, and general IT support for: Oak Forest/Blue Island Clinics
  • Recovery of fetal tracings from GE archives for court cases

Memorable event with Cook County Health: Opening of new Stroger Hospital and Cerner go-live

Kishore Mattaparthy
Server Analyst/ Cloud Admin

Professional Overview: Manage infrastructure in Azure and billing. Manage IDP – Active directory and Azure AD. Integrate apps with Azure and set up authentication. Automate administrative tasks using Powershell and Python. Manage Commvault enterprise backup system

Years with Cook County Health: 5 years

Top Contributions to Cook County Health:

  • Implemented and maintain Cloud Alerting System (OMS)
  • Installed and configured Commvault enterprise backup systems
  • Integrated several Apps used in the hospital with Cloud

Marlon Manning
Senior Integration Analyst

Professional Overview: Foreign system integration (FSI) with the Cerner Millennium software suite (Open Engine) since 2010. Built, supported, and customized the various HL7/Custom types of interfaces within Cerner’s Open Engine software tools.

Years with Cook County Health: 11 years

Top Contributions to Cook County Health:

  • Jail Management EMR Conversion
  • Radiology System Conversion and Upgrade
  • Remote Monitoring Implementation

Memorable event with Cook County Health: HIMSS LEVEL 7 Recognition

Mike Novak
IT Server Manager

Professional Overview: Manages a team of 10 FTEs consisting of Cook County, Atos and RL Canning staff. Team oversees all CCH infrastructure including data center, enterprise storage, hypervisor/virtualization, Microsoft Office365 and Azure, security patching, application deployment, CCH Citrix Portal and new application build/onboarding.

Years with Cook County Health: 15 years

Top Contributions to Cook County Health:

  • Management of all enabling IT infrastructure
  • 24/7 support and team support for P1 (Priority 1) issues
  • Day to day support of organizational “Just in Time” IT needs

Patrick Priemer
Cerner Analyst

Professional Overview: Patrick is a dedicated clinical applications consultant at Cook County Health, with 10 years of experience supporting Cerner applications. Whether it be an initiative to improve outcomes, troubleshooting critical issues, or on-boarding a new solution with minimal impact, he has consistently proven his abilities in the rapidly altering landscape of healthcare IT.

Years with Cook County Health: 7 years

Top Contributions to Cook County Health:

  • Volunteering to lead the clinical applications change control meetings every Tuesday to appropriately vet changes in our department.
  • Served as the lead analyst in successfully implementing ACR Careselect decision support functionality for advanced radiology orderables, years ahead of CMS-mandated deadlines.
  • Rollout and managing our Cerner HealtheRegistries platform in terms of user access, tracking new measure satisfiers, and population attribution algorithms.

Sharon Rogers
Senior Application Analyst

Professional Overview: Over 22 years of experience in the healthcare industry, performing as Licensed Vocational Nurse with strong clinical background as Medical Surgical, Oncology and Pre-Operative Nurse

Provide technical and analytical guidance and work direction to project teams, including scheduling, work assessment, review of project efforts and removal of roadblocks

Years with Cook County Health: 6 years

Top Contributions to Cook County Health:

  • Net3Wise for remote patient monitoring
  • Opioid Toolkit + e-Treatment Agreement
  • Cerner Patient Accounting (CPA) Phase 2 starting

Afolabi Sob
Application Analyst

Professional Overview: Hands-on experience with the latest technology and a strong background working as a healthcare consultant for 7 years with implementation experience activating Cerner, Allscripts SCM 16.3, Epic & MEDITECH 6.1.. About a decade of IT Auditing

Years with Cook County Health: 1 year

Top Contributions to Cook County Health:

  • Covid-19 vaccination Cerner documentation training
  • Agency Nurse Cerner Training
  • Remote Patient Monitoring

Sam Stathos
Clinical Applications Analyst & Special Projects Manager

Professional Overview: Experienced professional in the Healthcare industry focusing on strategic initiatives and operational improvements with a background in Finance and business office improvements and outsourcing

Years with Cook County Health: 7 years

Top Contributions to Cook County Health:

  • Managing Meaningful Use/Promoting Interoperability Program with combined Medicare and Medicaid revenues of over $36M.
  • Successful implementation of single sign and multifactor authentication solutions across all clinical areas.
  • Understanding the landscape of CCH, over 12 years of combined experience with this client; working closely with all specialty services and department chairs. Representative for all new clinic moves and openings for the Clinical Applications Team

CJ Stringer
Maximo and EasyLobby Systems Administrator

Professional Overview: Focusing on Process Improvement and Design, Long Term capitalization and ROI analysis, and application configurations/customizations

Expertise: System Assessment, System Process Design, Software Administration

Years Supporting Cook County Health: 3.5 years

Top Contributions to Cook County Health:

  • Designed, built, tested, trained and implemented the 4-Help system for B&G and EVS.
  • Designed, built, tested, trained and implemented Mobile for B&G and EVS.
  • Designed, built, tested, and implemented Visitor Badging system. (Easy Lobby)

Radhamani Venugopal
Systems Analyst

Professional Overview: Possess extensive experience in working with the executive management in leading technology initiatives. Demonstrates ability for solution development, policy and procedures formulation, implementation and deployment of new technology and project management. Design solutions to address challenging problems employing most cost effective, current and available technologies for improving, streamlining, and supporting business objectives. Managing diverse team members both onsite and offshore to meet complex project goals under tight timelines while keeping up the enthusiasm and team spirit.

Years with Cook County Health: 8 years

Top Contributions to Cook County Health:

  • Automation of the Budget request system for all departments
  • EHS Annual Vaccine compliance reporting
  • Ambulatory Volumes and CCH demographics dashboards
  • Strategy planning online implementation

Brenda Winters
HIS Enterprise Business Application Systems Analyst

Professional Overview: Certified in HIM. Employed as a systems analyst to support HIM applications with a focus on systems that support coding of diagnoses and procedures. Verify that these systems facilitate a comprehensive review of clinical documentation with computer assisted coding tools and appropriate reimbursement calculations.

Past experience includes the management of HIM departments, as well as HIM consulting services to evaluate the productivity and efficiency of HIM.

Years supporting Cook County Health: 15 years

Top Contributions to Cook County Health:

  • Project Manager for ICD-9 Transition to ICD-10-CM
  • Project Manager for EMPI Clean-up
  • Implement 3M 360E for facility and pro fee coding, CDI and Quality