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Seamless and insightful data flow for digital mission advantage

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Unleash the power of data to increase capabilities along the chain of command

Integrate and exploit the digital backbones that are critical to the future of defence.

Connected systems and frictionless dataflows create information advantage on land, in the sea, in the air and in space and cyber domains. Mission outcomes are integrated, processes are optimized, and leading-edge civilian and defence technologies and apps can be rapidly adopted and scaled.

Healthcare and centralized medial services system for operational readiness

Proactive, predictive and pre-emptive healthcare because prevention is half the battle.

Ensure efficient integrated care pathways between clinical and operational domains to deliver better patient outcomes and maximum forces deployability from joining to discharge. Decision support at the frontline and along the chain of command, optimizing medical resources and transforming response and recovery, from dismounted medics back to homeland medical services.

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Logistics and maintenance system for operational readiness

Next-generation logistics to optimize performance and reduce risks to personnel and assets.

Improve availability, security and integrity across logistics network to accelerate deployment of equipment and platforms. Intelligent supply chains leverage digital enablers from IoT, automation, digital twins and additive manufacturing for predictive and pre-emptive logistics for preservation of life, advantage over adversaries, and excellence in performance of mission-critical assets.

Digital Intelligence advantage for decision support

Actionable intelligence from limitless data sources, maximised to counter adaptive adversaries in real time.

Optimize the intelligence cycle across every intelligence discipline, at strategic level and in the operations theatre. Acquisition, fusion and analysis of data across siloes for intelligence operations, immediate threat recognition, and predictive and pre-emptive alert systems. 360° strategic and tactical understanding, from strategic command to force orchestration and transparent battlefield.

Customer Story

UK Ministry of Defence

Cortisone programme: the UK MoD allies with Atos to modernize the Defence Medical Information Services platform

Supporting forces’ operational readiness with a connected Healthcare Information Services ecosystem

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Customer Story

Ministère des armées

SCORPION combat information system

Enabling operational superiority through shared situational awareness on the battlefield

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Customer Story


Digital infrastructure for defense

Sovereign processing platform based on AI and big data for military intelligence, maintenance and operational command

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Defence Healthcare rich picture

Critical pathway to health

Imagine the advantage of an end-to-end ecosystem, which eradicates silos and recognises the importance of proactive, predictive and pre-emptive healthcare.

Frictionless health data is the key

Imagine the advantage of a transformed healthcare system which accelerates the onboarding process by enabling civilians to join a defence organisation using AI-screened digital health records, which can seamlessly and securely be accessed throughout the entire organisation, even when deployed overseas.

Prevention is half the battle.

Imagine the advantage for end users of having access to digital triage software and “Future Fit” wearable devices that monitor all vital signs and activities to support training while preventing injury, which will ultimately serve to maximise service personnel fitness.

Remote, not distant.

Imagine the advantage of empowering dismounted medics with a patient’s electronic heath record on a portable device, as well as augmented reality (AR) assisted surgical reachback from specialist clinicians based back in the homeland using Hololens technology.

Did you know?

Atos is already working in partnership to transform healthcare information systems to support evidence-based patient-centric healthcare for the UK MOD armed forces, a programme known as CORTISONE.

Watch the MOD’s connected healthcare ecosystem come to life in a new animation for British Armed Forces at home and overseas.

CORTISONE is a UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) ecosystem of connected Healthcare Information Services, linking individuals’ civilian health and care records to their service records, which enables complete access to health records at air force bases, on ships and out in the field, as encapsulated in a new animation.

Atos is proud to be CORTISONE’s delivery partner, working collaboratively with MOD on this key programme for Defence Medical Services (DMS), to support better patient outcomes, optimise resources and maximise the number of personnel fit for role within the British Armed Forces.

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