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Digital systems as a force multiplier

Information superiority is mission-critical in our hyper-connected world. Allies, as well as enemies, are just a few milliseconds away on digital networks.

To create a decisive digital advantage, we ensure effective flow along the entire command chain, optimizing operational readiness, decision support and forces coordination.

Atos digital systems connect forces worldwide, from battalion to headquarters, on secure critical communication networks, delivering fluid information sharing and real-time situational awareness.

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The 3 drivers of digitalization in defense, for a decisive advantage

Operational readiness >

During combat operations, understanding the availability of equipment and deploying it fast to the right location is crucial. And the ability to deploy quickly in ‘danger points’ is key to deterrence.

Managing the healthcare of personnel, from recruitment to deployment and beyond, is vital.

  • Availability of equipment
    Logistics and maintenance data platforms
  • Availability of people
    Healthcare and HR data platforms
  • Security of systems
    Cyber Defense systems

Decision support >

At the strategic level and in the operations theater, situational awareness and intelligence accuracy are critical.

Commanders require relevant, reliable, secure, and dynamic information sources, avoiding information overload at decisive moments.

    • Intelligence quality and availability
      AI and big data platforms
    • Actionable decisive information
      Collaborative combat systems and defense platforms
    • Secure decision propagation and feedback, in real time
      Critical communication systems and digital soldier equipement

Forces coordination >

In the field, speed of maneuver generates surprise and keeps forces one step ahead of the enemy.

This requires resilient communication networks, sharing situational awareness data in collaborative mode, with fluid transmission of positional and operational data, using voice for critical information only.

  • Frictionless collaboration and data exchange
    Critical communication systems
  • Secure large volume of information shared
    Data platform and cyber Defense systems
  • Reliable and secure collaboration
    Collaborative combat and critical communication systems

Emerging defence challenges

Optimized military operations

Forces must always be able to visualize and coordinate all actions, with perfectly coordinated logistics and back-office support. Success depends on getting the right data on threats and the enemy. Consistent capture and analysis of the communications spectrum – signal, human and open source intelligence – will trigger effective prescriptive action.


While essential for boosting military efficiency, cyber-technologies are also leveraged as weapons, as many recent and highly sophisticated cyber-attacks have shown. Cybersecurity has become a critical strategic domain for warfare, where armies must prepare for both defensive and offensive action.

Augmented soldier

Troops need seamless connectivity with their squad and HQ, and collaborative combat systems with real-time information to coordinate and adapt to tactical situations. Connected systems and weapons provide troops with smart support to assess threats and risks, together with prescriptive assistance in domains ranging from intelligence, to mission and medical assistance.

New missions

Armed forces face a changing threat landscape. They must detect and fight hostile propaganda, protect critical national infrastructure and manage low-intensity conflicts inside the homeland as well as in allied and hostile territories. Defense missions are broader: anti-terrorism, hostage rescue, disaster and epidemic management, as well as peacekeeping and humanitarian relief. This calls for broad-spectrum, agile digital systems.

Data management

With increasing flows of data to collect, analyze and exploit, it is critical to analyze and develop predictive intelligence that correlates and transforms unstructured data into actionable insights into the enemy. End-to-end data management enables predictive and pre-emptive action. It avoids monitoring too many individuals, and helps answer the question: when will they act?

Atos solutions

Collaborative combat systems

  • Battle management system
  • High-speed critical communication
  • Battlefield data platform
  • Drone swarm reconnaissance

Dismounted soldier systems

  • Integrated C2 for soldiers
  • High-resilience LTE communication
  • Secure Android devices
  • Smart military device connectivity

Next-generation intelligence systems

  • Cross-silo intelligence systems
  • Sovereign data platforms
  • Signals intelligence
  • Big data and AI
  • High-performance computing


  • AI-powered proactive cyber defense
  • Data encryption hardware security modules
  • Cyber intelligence and reconnaissance
  • Cyber protection for military equipment

Mission support platforms

  • Logistics systems
  • Medical information services
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Assistance and training
  • Augmented and virtual reality

Hybrid infostructures

  • Hybrid cloud
  • Combat cloud

Deep dive into solutions

Defence data platforms

Seamless and insightful data flow for digital mission advantage

Integrate and exploit the digital backbones that are critical to the future of defence.

Connected systems and frictionless dataflows create information advantage on land, in the sea, in the air and in space and cyber domains. Mission outcomes are integrated, processes are optimized, and leading-edge civilian and defence technologies and apps can be rapidly adopted and scaled.

Customer Story

UK Ministry of Defence

Cortisone programme: the UK MoD allies with Atos to modernize the Defence Medical Information Services platform

Supporting forces’ operational readiness with a connected Healthcare Information Services ecosystem

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Customer Story

Ministère des armées

SCORPION combat information system

Enabling operational superiority through shared situational awareness on the battlefield

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Customer Story


Digital infrastructure for defense

Sovereign processing platform based on AI and big data for military intelligence, maintenance and operational command

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The 3 key levers for digitalization of defense systems

Integration excellence

  • Framework approach
  • Large-project expertise
  • Ecosystem coordination
  • Cybersecurity

Multi-level information flow

  • Connecting the strategic and tactical levels
  • Expertise in ‘reflex time’ and ‘reflection time’
  • Working in degraded network conditions

Civilian and military technology

  • Broad scope of IT and communication tools
  • Agile methodology
  • Ensuring ease of use
  • ‘Hardening’ civilian tools

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