Creating value

“Our targets in the areas of environment, social and governance are ambitious. This is not only about compliance but creating value and positive outcomes for all our stakeholders.”

Philippe Mareine
Chief Digital and Transformation Officer
and Head of CSR, Atos

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Environment – Zero-carbon future

“Digital has the potential to be part of the solution to climate change.”

Benjamin Bergeron
Head of Global Environmental Program, Atos

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Atos Scaler supports our decarbonization portfolio

One of the selection criteria for start-ups to take part in our accelerator program is contribution to a decarbonized digital world like DreamQuark, Plan A, Greenspector, Sentient Science, Opinum and Tier1 have exemplified.

Our carbon-reduction journey

We’ve set high standards for ambitious net-zero targets and committed to achieving net-zero by 2028.

Social – People first

“In just three days in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we went from 80% of employees working in offices or customer sites to nearly 100% working from home.”

Paul Peterson
Head of Human Resources, Atos

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Promoting gender

Our Women Who Succeed program grew out of a need to identify more women as successors for all key roles and to prepare them for these positions.

The future is our choice!

The future of our business depends on retaining our talented people while also recruiting new talents. Our choices shape our own futures as well as that of the company, which can shape the future of digital and its impact on society.

“I can’t imagine an organization functioning correctly, ethically and progressively without having diversity and inclusion activities in place.”

Denise Reed-Lamoreaux
Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Atos

Governance – Ethical, transparent, sustainable performance

“High ethical standards are built into our technology and our digital innovations.”

Alexandre Menais
General Secretary and Chief Compliance Officer, Atos

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Building the global data economy with GAIA-X

In 2020, Atos cofounded GAIA-X to build a secure and transparent European data and cloud framework. The 22 founding members of the GAIA-X Foundation are digital leaders, industrials, academia and associations with a shared commitment to a transparent European process, openness and broad participation.

Promoting ethical and trustworthy AI with ETAMI

Five members of the Atos Scientific Community are involved in various Ethical and Trustworthy Artificial and Machine Intelligence (ETAMI) working groups in AI-related areas that include best practices, standards, regulations and lifecycle management.

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