Strategic Outlook

Global leadership in digital services

In 2019, Atos published an ambitious three-year plan for 2019-2021.

This plan reflects our ambition to grow as a company, with the agility to support its clients and all its stakeholders to rise to every challenge, including that posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, with the objective of working and developing sustainably in a safe and secure information space.

The new strategy is bolstered by the emerging culture and values that support the Atos group’s raison d’être, which became part of the company’s by-laws in 2019. Linked to this is our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility which is a significant business enabler for Atos and is an integrated part of our growth strategy as a global pure play digital leader.

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Imagining the future

“Our technological expertise and our capacity for innovation are major drivers of customer satisfaction and business growth.”

Sophie Proust

Chief Technology Officer, Atos

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Our business model

Sustainable and inclusive value creation

To fulfill its principal aim of being the trusted partner of its clients in their journeys of digital transformation, Atos has developed a solid business model based on sustainable growth, distinctive technology platforms, industrial expertise and vertical solutions.

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This business model enables Atos to continuously create shared and inclusive value for all its stakeholders: employees, clients and partners, investors, suppliers, community and society in general. Atos’ integrated management dashboard set out below illustrates how we measure both financial and extra-financial performance, creating sustainable value for all our stakeholders.