Ethics and governance

Leading the way in ethics and compliance

As a major global provider of digital transformation solutions, Atos complies with increasingly stringent regulations governing fields such as anti-corruption, trade regulations and export controls, competition, human rights and anti-money laundering.

4 material issues have been identified:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Compliance and business ethics
  • Supply chain
  • Local impact and communities

“Our objective is to minimize risk within the supply chain through robust management of our key global strategic suppliers, including compliance with our corporate social responsibility criteria.”

Aurélia Tremblaye
Chief Procurement Officer, Atos

“From the way we manage contracts and monitor corporate social responsibility in the supply chain, to the way we develop new products and solutions, ethics is at the heart of the Atos business model”.

Alexandre Menais
General Secretary, Atos

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Reducing risks in the supply chain

In 2019, Atos enhanced its management of business partners to deliver greater insight into our value chain and minimize the risks of corruption.

We relaunched our Business Partners Policy in order to ensure that it has greater visibility and clarity. Information sessions about the policy were carried out by the Global Compliance Team for compliance officers and general counsels. With a supplier base of around 16,000 organizations, assessing accurately the level of risks of third parties is vital for mitigating corruption risks at Atos.

Beata Bauman, Global Procurement Process Manager, summarizes how Atos is embedding its CSR requirements at every stage of its procurement processes

What are the main challenges faced by Atos when it comes to procurement?

BB: As the basic structure of supply chains become increasingly complex, it is essential that Atos has a comprehensive overview of its vendors’ activities. Monitoring CSR is more and more a fundamental requirement from our clients, as well as a legal obligation in some jurisdictions. Our clients want to know the extent of our CSR commitments, all the way through our supply chain.

To assess the performance of our major suppliers, Atos works closely with an expert third party, EcoVadis. EcoVadis analyses suppliers using an evidence-based methodology to look at their performance in environment, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. This analysis provides Atos with valuable insights into its strategic suppliers’ CSR approach, including their strengths, their weaknesses and possible areas for improvement.

How does Atos embed its CSR criteria into every stage of its procurement processes?

BB: We have now extended our due diligence process to the sourcing phase of procurement. In 2019, Atos began rolling out a new set of CSR-related questions to suppliers who register for an online sourcing opportunity with us. The answers provided by the suppliers will help us to gain new information about a supplier’s CSR practices. This data will have a key part to play when we make decisions about entering into contracts with new suppliers.

The alert service will help us identify possible risks in the supply chain and mitigate them on a case-by-case basis.

Fighting cancer in India

Scientific and technological excellence

In 2019, Atos in India signed a wide-ranging memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Tata Memorial Center in Mumbai, a national comprehensive cancer center in India which focuses on prevention, treatment and research.

As part of the agreement, Atos has pledged €125,000 to the center. So far, support from Atos has helped many patients access high-quality medical treatment. Most of the patients are aged over 30 and many of them are the primary breadwinners of their families. The financial contribution from Atos is making a massive difference to the lives of these people at this most difficult of times.

Tata Memorial Center, which was established over 75 years ago, treats around 60,000 patients every year. The MoU gives Atos the potential to give back to Indian society, reduce suffering and change countless lives for the better.

Teenager training in France

Safety, inclusion and a trusted digital space

Every year, Atos welcomes teenagers from local colleges to its headquarters in Bezons, France to enjoy a taste of life at one of the world’s largest IT services companies. During their week at Atos in 2019, the youngsters (aged around 15) were given the opportunity to visit a room with servers, find out about Atos’s work with the Olympic Games, learn about state-of-the-art solutions such as the Auxylium project for the French armed forces, listen to presentations on Android development and discover the engineering professions in general. By opening its doors to young people in nearby schools, Atos builds its links with the local community and aims to inspire a new generation with the employment opportunities of the future.

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