Increasing our focus on digital skills

As a multinational technology company with a workforce of close to 110,000 people, it is Atos’ responsibility to help its employees develop the digital skills they need to advance in today’s data-driven economy.

5 material issues have been identified:

  • Talent and skills management
  • Diversity
  • Employees’ engagement and well-being
  • Security and data protection
  • Local impact and communities

“Atos’ ambition is to be seen as the innovative, inclusive and ethical employer of choice in the technology sector”

Philippe Mareine
Chief Digital & Transformation Officer and Head of CSR, Atos
*Head of Human Resources in 2019

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Employees first

Atos has seen a continued growth of its Internal First program, which prioritizes existing staff when filling new positions.

In 2019, reflecting the success of the program, Atos filled 81% of its positions (levels four to nine) with its own employees, ahead of its target of 80%. As a responsible employer, it is important to ensure a secure future for our people. Internal First helps us achieve this as a key enabler for career progression and continuous skills development among the Atos workforce.

As part of our commitment to our existing employees, we also organized a series of well-attended internal careers events in India, Poland, Romania, France, Germany, Mexico, the US and elsewhere. Other ways in which we help our people progress at Atos include monthly podcasts on LinkedIn, support for employees returning to work after extended time off and a wide range of initiatives to support inclusion and diversity in the Atos workplace.

Introducing We are Atos

In 2019, Atos launched a wide-ranging employee experience program: We are Atos.

Building on the success of Wellbeing@work, We are Atos aims to ensure the continuous improvement of the way we work at Atos, with a greater focus on social value, diversity and inclusion. By increasing the employee value proposition and meeting the expectations of a new generation, We are Atos will enhance our status as an employer of choice in its industry.

The program combines wellbeing initiatives launched as part of Wellbeing@work with new efforts to help Atos become the most diverse company in the marketplace and to integrate all communities into the digital world.

We are Atos is structured into five main tracks: Diversity & Inclusion, Social Value, Wellbeing, Life@work and Employee Experience with our Customers. We aim to share the lessons of our motivated and socially engaged workplace to help our clients improve their own customer relationships and increase client satisfaction.

A renewed focus on training

Skills development remains a major priority for Atos. As a core part of our Advance 2021 strategy, we have launched the Be Digital program to equip our employees with the digital skills that will drive the continued growth of our business.

In 2019, the first year of Be Digital, the number of digital certifications achieved increased by more than 25% to reach a record high of 51,700 and exceed our target for the year. These certificates are attained when an employee completes a college-like course in a topic consisting of lectures, assignments and exams.

The focus of Be Digital is not only on technical skills: it also aims to develop critical business skills such as sales, pre-sales, management and service delivery. With the support of the Atos University, we are now rolling out new training frameworks that cover a wide range of business topics, from design thinking to project management, finance and leadership.

Spotlight on management development

Endorsed by the Group Management Committe, Atos runs a series of programs for various management groups across the workforce. More than 5,000 individuals have been trained in the various programs.

Each year, 80 high-achieving colleagues are invited to take part in the prestigious Gold for Business Leaders program. In cooperation with business school HEC Paris, Gold for Business Leaders aims to develop the future leaders of the company and nurture the future ambassadors for the company’s values. The program consists of face-to-face modules in Germany, India and France, complemented by online elements.

The Atos Gold for Technology Leaders program aims to give Expert leaders the end-to-end vision and the industry capabilities that will help our clients prosper. Atos talents from across the world participate in this global program which is run in cooperation with the Institute for Manufacturing Education and Consultancy Services of Cambridge University in the United Kingdom and the Software Innovation Campus Paderborn (SICP) of Paderborn University in Germany.

Women who succeed

Atos’s new Women Who Succeed initiative gained traction in 2019 in support of the company’s ambition to increase the number of women at senior levels in Atos. The program ensures that female candidates are included in succession planning for all key roles. Once talented women have been identified, they benefit from extensive support and professional development to prepare them for future promotion.

Atos firmly believes in the value of diversity as a driver of growth and competitiveness. We are committed to improving the gender balance in our workforce and in our talent programs. Gender is one of the four main dimensions of our Diversity Program, alongside Cultural Diversity, Disability and Generations.

In 2019 we rolled out a range of initiatives across Atos to support women at all levels, including monthly tech talks from women in the Expert and Scientific Communities, a Women in Action learning program, a women’s book club, peer coaching circles, return-to-work groups and others.

Driving the accessibility agenda

In 2019, Atos became one of the first companies to sign up to the Valuable 500 campaign for inclusion and accessibility. The company is the first member of the CAC40 to join the campaign.

The aim of Valuable 500, launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2019, is to put disability on the leadership agenda of at least 500 large, multinational enterprises and influence the companies around them.

Atos is a recognized pioneer and influencer in this area. We are a partner for several major initiatives aimed at improving digital accessibility around the world, working with national governments, intergovernmental organizations and multinational companies. We have identified accessibility as a significant driver of the changing relationship between humans and the digital world and as a key to the emergence of new technologies.

In 2019, Atos appointed a Global Head of Accessibility and launched a wide-ranging accessibility policy which makes accessibility a mandatory consideration in the specifications of all the ICT products and services we purchase and deliver. We are also developing training and skills development and contributing to new standards in this area.

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