Mindful Modernization for FS&I Mainframes

Every Journey is Unique — The Only Thing You Can’t Afford to do is Stand Still

Confident, Continual, and Disruption-Free Modernization

With decades of experience, Atos will help you plan and execute your journey to manage, migrate, and modernize your mainframes, no matter where you are in the process. Partner with Atos for continuous modernization — innovating and reducing costs over time without disrupting any services you provide.

Factsheet: Mindful Mainframe Modernization

Why Choose Atos as Your Digital Transformation Partner?

Accelerate Modernization with Automation and Expertise

Powerful accelerators and the most experienced staff modernize environments twice as fast, with 100 percent rules extraction and zero loss of functionality or disruption of the customer experience. We know how to untangle decades of business and application logic, preserving the very best practices while modernizing for the future.

Brochure: Our Approach to Modernization

Equipped to Accept Risk With a Flawless Track Record

When Atos owns the full modernization journey, it shares client risk with an outcome-based pricing model, so clients don’t have to worry that they will fall short of their goals. No one is better-equipped to succeed than Atos, given its unparalleled partnerships with hyperscalers, over 300 successful mainframe migrations, and unique transformation squad model.

Factsheet: Learn About Atos’ Low-Risk Continual Modernization

Atos and Capital One: Transform the Mainframe and the Industry

Atos assisted Capital One, a top ten bank, and a disruptor in the U.S. financial services industry, in successfully completing a multi-year transformative journey to become all-in on the public cloud.

As a strategic partner, we were able to offer availability, reliability, scalability, and agility on this path, delivering AWS cloud-native data pipelines, application modernization, enterprise APIs, and clickstream analytics which laid the foundation for personalized experiences for their consumers.

In 2020, Capital One became the first major financial institution in the United States to report they had exited their on-prem data centers and gone all-in on the cloud.

Learn how we helped Capital One retire over 100 tons of copper and steel.

Case Study: Capital One’s Modernization Journey

Self-Fund Your Modernization

Atos supports you at every stage of your transformation, helping to optimize costs and leverage those savings to ultimately self-fund your transformation journey. Reduce OpEx by optimizing mainframes, then eliminate CapEx by adopting Mainframe-as-a-Service, and reinvest YoY savings into continuous modernization.

  • 100% elimination of technical debt
  • 30% reduction in TCO
White Paper: The Value of Mainframe-As-A-Service In Financial Services

Learn More About Our Industry-Specific Skills

The world’s leading banks, wealth management firms, and insurance companies rely on Atos as they modernize and chart a course for the future. Discover more about our history and success in each industry.

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