ISR and onboard electronics

From raw data to actionable intelligence

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Enable secure data collection, processing and sharing during ISR missions to achieve information dominance.

Advanced situational awareness and strategic intelligence are critical to countering threats in a complex and rapidly changing theater of operations. Defense organisations must collect a wide range of data sources, across the spectrum, and turn them into actionable intelligence.

Achieving information superiority also requires data sovereignty and security. Because data are critical and considered as black gold, it is essential to securely process them, while guaranteeing their operational availability. From its collection to its use, from the sensor to the transmission and calculation systems, the entire data processing chain must be cyber secure by design.

Onboard computing and cybersecurity

Ensure data and platform operational readiness.

Systems and platforms need computing power and cybersecurity capabilities. These technologies become one with electronics, enabling data accuracy, security and sovereignty, accelerating information processing and reducing operator workload.

Design to meet the requirements of air, land and sea environments and security, onboard computer systems are optimized and cyber secure by design.

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Signal intelligence

Support decision making with intelligible data

Because the electromagnetic spectrum is a critical battlefield and source of information: it is essential to be able to exploit it. To take advantage of this battlespace, it is vital to master the spectrum and deploy high-performance solutions in all operational environments, from space to sea to air to land.

Collect raw signals and enrich defense database with intelligible information; through a wide range of characterized and enriched signals.

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UK Ministry of Defence

Cortisone programme: the UK MoD allies with Atos to modernize the Defence Medical Information Services platform

Supporting forces’ operational readiness with a connected Healthcare Information Services ecosystem

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Ministère des armées

SCORPION combat information system

Enabling operational superiority through shared situational awareness on the battlefield

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Digital infrastructure for defense

Sovereign processing platform based on AI and big data for military intelligence, maintenance and operational command

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