Collaborative combat

Take advantage of shared tactical situational awareness

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Ensure operational advantage and forces coordination with real-time tactical situational awareness, from command post to dismounted soldiers.

In joint operations, tactical situation sharing and communication are critical assets on the battlefield. Monitoring the evolution of the action and of the deployed forces, knowing the friendly/enemy positions in real time, allows the command and the deployed operators a greater flexibility of the action and thus the application of a more effective strategy.

Digital Battle Management System for forces coordination

Because operation advantage requires information dominance, share real-time combat information on the battlefield.

Optimize joint operations preparation and execution with comprehensive and collaborative battle management system. The Digital Battle Management System provides combatants with a solution designed for them, easy to use, intuitive, ergonomic and robust. It brings automation of many tasks and an unequalled fluidity of exchanges between the different levels of tactical command.

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Digital Soldier System for forces coordination

Enhanced sharing and tactical situational awareness with a smartphone-based communication system for combatants.

Designed for operations, the Digital Soldier System enables all deployed forces to exchange information quickly and securely.

Scalable and adaptable: this smartphone open radio-based solution is scalable and adaptable, it can be connected to C4I chains, connected objects. Designed in collaboration with the forces, the system provides various operational features such as encrypted audio, video and conference calls, multi-group messaging, shared geolocation positioning

Secure and resilient: high bandwidth with multiple networks, including software radio, private and public LTE or satellite communications. The solution provides encrypted communications with centeral or tactical server for missions’ integrity.

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Tactical communication bubble network to securely connect forces during missions

Connect forces deployed in the field: adapt to the situation and expand the scope of coverage to meet any mission configuration.

Provide a reliable and secure private LTE network with Lifelink solutions, to cover the operation theater and meet communication requirements in harsh environments when no other network can.

Ultra-compact, a private network can be carried anywhere on the field in a backpack or in a vehicle.

Address current and future communications technology defense challenges with resilient 4G/5G solutions to address combat cloud and multi-domain operations cloud initiatives.

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Customer Story

UK Ministry of Defence

Cortisone programme: the UK MoD allies with Atos to modernize the Defence Medical Information Services platform

Supporting forces’ operational readiness with a connected Healthcare Information Services ecosystem

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Ministère des armées

SCORPION combat information system

Enabling operational superiority through shared situational awareness on the battlefield

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Digital infrastructure for defense

Sovereign processing platform based on AI and big data for military intelligence, maintenance and operational command

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