Atos and Texas DIR

Texas Private Cloud

Texas Private Cloud (TPC) is a secure, scalable, agile and affordable private cloud platform delivered by Atos to current and future Texas DIR channel customers.

Those customers include State Agencies, Public and Private Higher Education Institutions and School Districts (K-12), Local Governments, Assistance Organizations, Public Hospitals and Public Institutions outside of Texas. TPC comprises:

Storage Related Services: Multiple storage tiers provide cost-efficient, fast access based on business needs. On-demand storage – quick ramp-up based on business need, such as during COVID demand cycle.

Compute Related Services: Hyperconverged Compute – Multiple compute platforms provide cost-effective and highly performing compute choices. Dark Capacity provides a very cost-effective solution for Disaster Recovery (no need for a redundant server). Multiple Oracle solutions provide affordable alternatives to physical servers and the program is designed to evolve over time to meet changing customer needs.

Security Related Services: Pre-configured Server and Network Security solutions built-in to all Private Cloud Virtual Machines. Investment in new technologies (e.g. Crowdstrike).

Data Protection and Related Services: 500,000 Backups per month with 99.95% success (well above industry norms), protecting over 5PB of data; 6,000+ Servers protected in over 900 remote location (cost efficient). Back-Up as a Service and Disaster Recovery as a Service for limited-service customers.

Network Related Services: Faster response to network and security incidents. Software Defined Network providing more seamless integration between compute, storage, network – similar to smart homes.
Micro-segmentation – enhancing security.

Data Center Services: Texas data remains in Texas. Two Texas based Tier II data centers (Austin & San Angelo) – no single point of failure; 24/7 Logical and Physical Security Monitoring.
*February Storm – 100% up-time*

Benefits include:

  • Agility through alignment of operational resources to capacity, availability, and response time requirements, regardless of location.
  • The ability to opt into the comprehensive TPC services package or to select those services aligned with current requirements and adding as needed
  • Opens the door to further innovation and transformation of agency environments to a next-generation, Cloud first strategy.

To learn more about the Atos Portfolio for Public Sector and Defense, please visit: Atos Solutions and Services