Revitalizing manufacturing operations with RPA

Revitalizing manufacturing operations with RPA


Just over half (53%) of manufacturers expect to make massive operational changes as a result of COVID-19. This new mode of operations will include many adjustments, from staggered schedules, new suppliers and flexible inventory levels to a greater than normal focus on cost savings. RPA can help manufacturers drive these fundamental productivity and financial advantages.

During this webinar, our expert will share how manufacturers can:

  • Utilize RPA to automate back-office processes to save resource hours, decrease losses and increase operational efficiencies
  • Identify where RPA can be implemented immediately for the fastest ROI
  • Minimize human errors leading to more efficiency and fewer compliance issues

Duration: 20 minutes + live Q&A

Webinar Replay

Featured Presenter

Yash Malge
Head of Robotic Process Automation, Digital Transformation Office – North America

Yash helps customers build and implement Robotics Process Automation (RPA) to better streamline business’ digital operations. Yash leads the team in aiding various customers across various industries including manufacturing, financial and healthcare.

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