AODocs Content Services Platform

Transform Google Drive into a Powerful Document Management System

In a world of digital transformation, cloud based collaboration is key. Many products offer this capability, yet few deliver against the real needs of large enterprises: flexible collaboration with underlying control to ensure compliance without disrupting the user experience.

That’s where AODocs fits in.

The AODocs Content Services Platform is a low code environment to develop:

  • Content-rich applications
  • Powerful automation and workflows
  • Business applications with comprehensive security and compliance capabilities

Easily Implement your Business Processes

AODocs makes it easy for non technical business users to create their business applications in all departments, from employee onboarding to contracts management, accounts payable automation, policies and procedures publication, investment requests, sales processes and more. AODocs customers typically measure a 3x reduction in the time and effort required to implement business applications on AODocs compared to older systems.

AODocs also provides packaged applications, in particular, a comprehensive Quality Management System for manufacturing and life sciences companies which is compliant with ISO 9001, FDA electronic signature requirements and validated for use in pharmaceutical and medical devices companies.

Key Features of AODocs with Google Workspace

Google Workspace is designed for the individual user with a focus on ease of use and simplicity of sharing while the needs of the organization look for governance and compliance. AODocs works in tandem with Google Workspace to satisfy the needs of both sets of stakeholders.

Comprehensive metadata tagging and content schemas.

Intuitive business workflow engine.

Low code app building with re-usable components.

Robust user authentication and document security, compliant with HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11 (FDA) electronic signature requirements.

Strong record retention and disposal to comply with regulatory requirements in financial services and other industries.

Fully-customizable document transformation and composition.

AODocs is an ideal replacement of legacy Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems like SharePoint (online and on premises), Lotus Notes, Documentum, Livelink, Hyland OnBase, IBM Filenet, Alfresco and more .

AODocs Benefits


Unmatched Customer Satisfaction

AODocs support team boasts unmatched customer satisfaction with global, multi-lingual coverage.
The average Computer Software CSAT benchmark is 79%.


Short Time to Value

Save 67% of time in design, development, implementation and deployment work effort using AODocs Platform vs legacy systems or built from scratch solutions.


Proven results & Customer Validation

Over 800 customers and more than 5 Million business users worldwide trust in AODocs for their content services and compliance needs.


improvement without upgrades

The AODocs product team releases seamless product updates 4 times per year, prioritized based on customer feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Reasons why Atos recommends AODocs


Google service partners, like Atos and Maven Wave, advise customers on how to best leverage the Google Workspace platform. Moving to Google Workspace is a complete digital transformation and our architects are in a perfect position to advise their clients not only on collaboration, but also more broadly on how to improve business processes. As a partner we understand how AODocs can take the Google Workspace clients’ document management to the next level. The AODocs solution enhances the digital transformation journey by improving workflows, keeping documents secure and organized, and extending productivity even further.

AODocs product showcase

AODocs: A Modern, Intelligent Content Services Platform

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AODocs is the only content services platform built on Google Workspace, giving enterprises a new way to collaborate, with added security, control, and compliance for all of your business-critical information. Learn about how this innovative, cloud-based document management system can organize your content and automate business processes in a human-friendly environment your users will love — all while cutting costs.

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