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A vision without resources is just a dream

With broad and deep experience in pharma and life sciences.

Atos anticipates your needs to maximize your R&D costs through improving operational and process efficiencies while continuing to drive quality, in the shared journey to realizing a healthier world.

We help you accomplish this with a full range of expertise and services to enrich and streamline virtually every process in your research, production and delivery value chain, bringing you expertise combined with best in class innovation.

The result is a streamlined, accelerated and agile innovation pathway to realize your objectives.

HPC in research

High Performance data analytics

Sequencing more than ten human genomes every day, creates a lot of data to analyze

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Smart Clinical Trials

Smart Trials Platform

Integrated services for conducting clinical trials, improving patient recruitment and reducing dropouts.

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Clinical Data Management

Clinical Data Management (CDM) solution

With productivity boosts of up to 40%.

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Digital Twin for Pharma

Improve Efficiency, Reduce Costs

Significant savings from waste reduction and process efficiency with digital twins for pharma

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Business Reinvention

Digital Transformation

Business reinvention with significant cost reductions by moving into the cloud.

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User Productivity

Keeping 200,000 employees productive means fast, efficient user support. AI and automation are key.

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Security & Compliance

Data protection and secure access

Protect healthcare data and secure employee access to life sciences applications.

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As seen in IT Healthcare today

Digital Twin for Healthcare

Insights from Atos experts

One of the coolest healthcare concepts I’ve heard about recently is called a digital twin. For those not familiar with the term, it’s basically a virtual model of a process, product, or service.

Leader in secure decarbonized digital

Atos has committed to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2035 and aims to pioneer decarbonization by transforming the way digital technologies are designed, developed and used. 77% of our clients have already set emission reduction targets and are requesting a digital partner to redesign business models that are more respectful to the environment.

To strengthen our decarbonization digital solution portfolio and expertise, Atos has acquired EcoAct, an internationally recognized climate strategy consulting firm. It is estimated 250,000 people a year will die because of climate change by 2030 – we want to help you save lives today, whilst protecting the lives of tomorrow.

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Digital Transformation: a catalyst for innovation at Philips

“Atos is a great company to work with, to run and outsource our life support systems…they’re bringing great value to Philips”

  • Guaranteed cost reduction
  • Assured application as a service
  • Over 100 data centers migrated to the cloud
  • AI and automation are helping to drive down incidents by 70% to 80%.


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