Strategy outlook

Strategic Outlook Atos is embarking on its new three-year strategic plan, Advance 2021, which is strongly focused on clients’ needs and aspirations.

Advance 2021:
reinforcing our global profile in digital services


Our new three-year plan will see innovation, technology and the creation of long-term sustainable value drive the company forward towards further growth and greater profitability.

The success of the new strategy is closely linked to our continued commitment to training our people in digital skills, attracting the best talent and applying strong values and best practices in Corporate Social Responsibility.

In order to reinforce our focus as a global pure play digital leader we will continue to develop invaluable partnerships with global technology leaders and apply deep industry expertise so that we develop ever closer relationships with our clients and deliver enhanced services to them through automation.

  • IoT and edge computing: new levers of growth for Atos Infrastructure & Data Management business
  • Leveraging Atos|Syntel’s digital offerings as part of our Business & Platform Solutions
  • Big data & cybersecurity for digital efficiency and trust
  • Focus on industry verticals to deliver the next wave of digital transformation
  • RACE: a powerful combination of digital productivity levers and agile collaboration
  • Maintain excellence in People skills and CSR
  • IT industry consolidation to expand our customer base and technological capabilities
  • Strongly support Worldline’s European leadership in payments

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Our purpose


The future integration in our by laws of Atos “Raison d’être” or “Sense of purpose” represents an important step forward for Atos in that journey.

At Atos, our mission is to help design the future of the information technology space.
Our expertise and services support the development of knowledge, education as well as multicultural and pluralistic approaches to research that contribute to scientific and technological excellence.
Across the world, we enable our customers, employees and collaborators, and members of societies at large to live, work and develop sustainably and confidently in the information technology space.

Atos “Raison d’être” or “Sense of purpose” which submitted at the Atos 2019 Annual General Meeting.

Slide Capital assets Industrial Human Intellectual Financial Social & relationship Natural Meet the challenges of a data-driven economy In a world disrupted by Digital, Atos helps public and private organizations meet the transformation challenges to create the firm of the future. Infrastructure & Data Management Big Data & Security Business & Platform Solutions Unified Communications & Collaboration Worldline. 5 divisions Expertise Platforms Design, build & run business technology platforms through our Digital Transformation Factory The Atos Digital Transformation Factory combines the resources and expertise of all these divisions, providing the agile, scalable and trusted foundations that our customers need in their digital journeys. Hybrid Cloud Business Accelerators Digital Workplace Connected Intelligence Cybersecurity Digital Payments Digital services and
datacenters in 73 countries
c.120,000 employees, a
Scientific Community and an Expert Community
15 R&D Centers and
5,000 patents
Solutions People Deliver industry focused solutions and smart services to thrive in a digital world Through next-generation smart services, Atos brings together people, business and technology to accompany clients in all sectors to deliver sustainable growth.
As each business context is unique, Atos adapts its approach and go-to-market to the specific digital transformation strategies which are appropriate for each industry, including:
36% of revenue
Manufacturing, Retail & Transportation

28% of revenue
Public & Health

20% of revenue
Financial Services

16% of revenue
Telecoms, Media & Utilities
Value created for our stakeholders Clients & partners Investors Suppliers Communities & society KPIs dashboard • Employee satisfaction
• Great Place to Work Index®
• Customer Loyalty
• Net Promoter Score
• Digital Transformation
• Organic growth revenue
• Operating margin rate
• Operating margin conversion rate to free cash flow
• Sustainable supply chain
• Part of spend assessed by Ecovadis
• Ethical behavior
• Carbon Intensity Creating value for our stakeholders Solid financial structure and
unique ecosystem of partners
Strategic partners and Stakeholders’
network in whole value chain
Sustainable technologies
and decarbonized energy
Natural Our business model The mission of Atos is to be the trusted partner of its clients on their journeys of sustainable digital transformation. To accomplish this mission, we rely on our powerful assets and resources and a solid business model which leverages our distinctive platforms and industrial solutions. We are focused on the continuous generation of shared, sustainable and inclusive value for all our stakeholders: people, clients and partners, investors, suppliers, community and society. Highly skilled employees
and great place to work
Customer satisfaction,
co-innovation and competitiveness
Business growth, long-term
relationships development
High risk management standards
and ethical value chain
Inclusive economic growth
& eco-friendly operations