The genesis of Atos Managed Detection and Response Service

First things first, even before we start exploring the evolution of our managed detection and response (MDR) offering, let us look at what MDR is.

MDR combines technology and skills to deliver advanced threat detection, deep threat analytics, global threat intelligence, faster incident analysis and collaborative incident response on a 24×7 basis.

The Atos MDR Journey

October 12, 2020, was a significant milestone in our MDR journey. That is when we started integrating our two offerings (Prescriptive SOC from Atos and Paladion MDR). What exactly did this require? It meant integrating technology, teams, portfolio, marketing collaterals and sales processes. We had to integrate use cases, machine learning models, security, orchestration automation and response (SOAR) workflows, connectors and much more on the technology front.

Team integration involved unifying development, machine learning, presales and delivery teams from France, India, US, Poland and Romania, while ensuring that customer focus was not diluted in the slightest.

At the end of January, we are in good shape and most of the important integration is complete. We have a brand-new integrated offering called Atos MDR that brings together the best of Atos Prescriptive SOC and Paladion MDR. Our sales and presales teams are in place, and our delivery teams are enabled to deliver our new offering. We have been able to put all this together thanks to teams that have been consistently putting in 12-14 hour workdays — even through the holiday season.

We have seen some great examples of collaboration and hard work. We have also started winning in the market with our new offering, adding 25+ customers to our new offering in just three months. This is great validation and a tribute to the hard work and dedication of our teams.

The new MDR organization

Let’s look at what Atos MDR looks like after the integration. Today, we have six MDR R&D centres located in France, India, US, Poland and Romania. We have 15 security operations centres (SOCs) that enable us to deliver our services across 73 countries, and our global delivery model helps us provide both offshore and “best shore” options to customers.

Our technology platform, AIsaac, has consolidated our use cases, machine learning models, SOAR workflows and connectors to enable a smooth experience for our customers. The net result is a service offering that provides value to clients with advanced multi-vector detection and full-service response.

Multi-vector enables us to detect attacks happening across endpoint, network, users and cloud. There is an adage in cybersecurity: “If you are blind anywhere, you are blind everywhere.” Our multi-vector approach and machine learning models help detect deep attacks happening across hybrid IT and cloud environments. As soon as we detect a potential breach, we can respond to it with our full-service response, which automatically contains the attack by blocking attacker through UTM rules or machine isolation and other response mechanisms.

The path ahead

We are looking forward to even more exciting times as we take our MDR offering to customers in 70+ countries and 6+ industry verticals. We will have more stories to share with our readers in the coming months and years but until then, watch this space for more successes on MDR.

About the authors

Farah Rigal

Global SOC Transformation Program Director

Prescriptive Security Operations Center expert, Farah works to create innovative solutions to be a step ahead in the cybersecurity domain for the Atos customers.

Also risk Manager and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), she is enthusiastic about analytics, Data strategies, Bigdata, Artificial Intelligence, IoT…Farah has been working within the security area for more than 18 years moving from engineer, consultant, chief architect, to offering lead and SOC Transformation manager role within several Service Provider organizations.

Vinod Vasudevan

Global CTO for MDR & Deputy CTO for Cybersecurity services at Atos

Vinod Vasudevan is currently Global CTO for MDR & Deputy CTO for Cybersecurity services at Atos. He brings more than 20 years of cybersecurity leadership and product innovation. He co-founded Paladion in 2000 and has acted in the role of CTO. During his tenure, he has led technology development and made Paladion an industry leader in managed Detection and Response. He currently holds two U.S. patents in AI & Cybersecurity and has directly serviced global enterprises in the U.S., Europe, and the Asia Pacific. Vinod is a prolific writer and has authored multiple books, articles, and presentations in leading cybersecurity forums. Before co-founding Paladion, Vinod worked with Microsoft and helped drive the adoption of Windows 2000 in the Asia Pacific. He is also a CISSP since 2001.

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