Digital Security

Atos is currently aligning with the revolutionary changes the entire world is undergoing — namely, a digital transformation driven by the convergence of the digital and physical worlds.

At Atos, a global leader in Cybersecurity Services, Products, and Mission-Critical Systems, we have always positioned ourselves to support and satisfy our customers’ needs with a high level of expertise and technology. We continue to focus on digital innovation, which encompasses the business processes and technology at the heart of every business today.

The security environment helps us identify multiple new threats that affect our domain, the effort and the resources required to establish a robust and resilient landscape, and the challenges it brings to the organization.

Atos Digital Security: A new member of Atos Big Data and Security

Today we encounter a highly distributed security scene — split between digital trust, homeland security, cybersecurity, public safety, industrial and IoT security, and physical security. These vectors are also deeply affected by ever-changing regulatory requirements and growing privacy demands.

As a result, the need to follow new paradigms has led us to create the Atos Digital Security division, a leading member of Atos Big Data and Security.

This new branch is based on three key entities that we have built and developed over the years:

Digital Cyber Services

Digital Cyber Products

Digital Mission-Critical Systems (MCS)

The skillsets of these three entities are equally strong and complementary, aiming to:

Secure critical infrastructures and systems with our tailormade solutions, such as turnkey MCS design projects combining hardware, software and services

Secure the organization with off-the-shelf Atos cybersecurity products, which have a solid capacity to produce and market off-the-shelf hardware and software

Operate security across a heterogeneous environment, since cybersecurity services can develop and deliver highly industrialized and reusable service offerings

Built on this foundation, we can increase our ability to provide clients with best-in-breed support throughout their digital journey.

With AtosDigital Security, the rapid technology innovation cycles will no longer outpace security controls. Digital Security will integrate trust in the infrastructure, data integrity, and maintain the security posture across heterogeneous environments while adapting to the quickly evolving requirements of the digital age.

Atos Digital Security Positioning and Approach

Our Digital Security approach is based on three main drivers:

Embedded security by design
We incorporate embedded security and reliability to processes and technologies, aligning it to digital transformation

AI-driven security
We utilize innovative AI technologies and capabilities to ensure big (security) data analysis and control, enabling us to respond faster to ensure a drastic reduction of false positives

Business-driven security
We use business KPIs to drive automated remediation, industry and custom processes to meet specific critical security and safety needs

Atos Digital Security: Now Working Together

The Atos Digital Security practice will continue our legacy of offering a wide range of services and products that address the entire security scope, including IT, OT, IoT, IIoT and HPC.

Our entities are already working together — inserting cryptographic products into embedded calculators and providing managed services based on internal IAM technology. Atos cyber services are helping secure critical communication infrastructure, offering innovative cyber consulting and much more. Now, we are taking everything we have and everything you need and going one step further.

By combining our activities, Atos Digital Security will further strengthen our competencies and offerings and help our clients advance in their security journey by changing the conversation to a digital state of mind.

Our Message to You

We have created the Digital Security practice to help clients navigate tomorrow’s Digital Security challenges — where security, safety and digital and physical will be intertwined. Atos Digital Security will provide holistic end-to-end security by protecting our clients’ heterogeneous environments.

Our unique assets help us innovate in cybersecurity and develop industry-specific security solutions while preparing the world to adopt zero trust. Our security solutions span 5G security, smart and safe cities, manufacturing 4.0, robotics and smart defense.

By joining forces, we will continue to contribute to the new division’s success and create a new way of looking at agile, Digital Security.

About the author

Cyril Dujardin

Senior VP, Head of Digital Security

Cyril Dujardin joined Atos in 2015 and he is currently the Head of Digital Security, where he manages digital security activities within Atos’ Big Data and Security Division: Cyber Products (Crypto, IAM, IoT…), Cyber Services (Consulting, MSSP…), and Mission Critical Systems (Critical Communications, Command Control & Intelligence, Defense Electronics). Cyril Dujardin previously spent 11 years in the Safran Group, where he held senior management positions in various subsidiaries in the Group’s Security business. He is a graduate of Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées.

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