Dassault Aviation project: A team that excels in customer delivery

Atos, a trusted industrial partner

Dassault Aviation relies on Atos to support the integration of its Rafale aircraft into the European Future Combat Air Systems (FCAS) program. As part of this project, Atos is working to develop a new generation of the aircraft’s multi-level gateway to secure both connectivity and two-way data exchange between the various on-board communication networks.

Atos’s multi-level gateway enables secure two-way data transfer between networks with different levels of security and confidentiality (the open world vs. the secure world) while preserving data integrity and security for all on-board connectivity. It allows the secure sharing and use of “authorized” critical information in real time, as well as protection against external intrusions. This hardened platform meets the security level of the EAL 3+ and EAL 4+ criteria, as well as DO178 and DO254 safety standards and D0160 environmental standards.

Multiple skills, one solution

The solution is being developed, produced, and implemented by our French team located in Aix-en-Provence — a multi-skilled team capable of handling the challenges of the military and engineering environments.

This project requires the interaction of multiple technical and human skills: project managers, hardware and software designers, VHDL developers, thermal simulation experts, security professionals, validation engineers, mechanics, suppliers and many others.

The Atos team has an agile and responsive organization and has in particular been able to adapt and respond to the constraints mandated by the current health context to ensure the continuity of the project while guaranteeing the safety of the teams and their workspace.

Strengthening the partnership

This contract reinforces the relationship of trust that has existed for more than 20 years between Dassault Aviation and Atos. Based on our experience with the initial multi-level gateway for the Mirage 2000D and our team’s knowledge of the Rafale environment, Atos is developing a new system that is as close as possible to Dassault Aviation’s operational needs, while securing their onboard systems.

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