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It’s time to build your real-time enterprise

We’re on the cusp of a new era. 5G is an enabler for a new generation of services, products, experiences and customer outcomes that will change everyday life forever.

Preparing for this communications and computing revolution brings the need for new capabilities, insights, and business models to succeed.

That’s why Atos and Verizon are here to help. Together, we combine superior network connectivity with extensive digital transformation expertise, rich industry experience and combined technological capabilities in cloud and edge computing, artificial intelligence, digital security, and IoT.

Unique to this partnership is Atos Computer Vision, a platform which provides video and image analysis from the Cloud to edge devices. This versatile, artificial intelligence video analytics platform turns video data into real-time, actionable intelligence to optimize business, security, and operational decisions.

It’s time to shape new customer experiences, services, and revenue streams for your business. Atos and Verizon stand ready to help you facilitate this exciting new wave of digital transformation.

5G Real-time Enterprise

Smart city >

Smart city

It’s (real) time to improve citizens’ quality of life

  • Connected traffic control, air, and water quality monitoring
  • Smart city infrastructure with smart buildings, surveillance, crowd management, and safety systems
  • Real-time experiences and services for citizens, businesses, visitors and investors, bringing them more choice, security, livability and accessibility

Smart retail >

Smart retail

It’s (real) time to provideAI-driven in-store experience

  • Personalized pricing, offers, promotions and immersive shopping apps, virtual reality for product or brand information, passing trade conversion
  • Touchless and contactless checkouts, queue and crowd management, entrance / exit, customer flow management
  • Connected inventory and store operations, intrusion detection

Smart factory >

Smart factory

It’s (real) time to turn your workplace into your safe space

  • Physical security, perimeter protection, fire / smoke detection, parking management, contactless access control
  • Shop floor management, worker support, mask and security equipment control, restricted area
  • Industrial optimization, quality controls, robots, inventory optimization, predictive maintenance

Smart healthcare >

Smart healthcare

It’s (real) time to digitally enable health

  • Fall detection & “non-movement” detection, remote emergency rescue and surgery
  • Early and AI-driven diagnosis, detection of health anomalies, tumors
  • New models of remote care with virtual high-definition consultations, remote patient monitoring

Smart mobility >

Smart mobility

It’s (real) time to arrive on time

  • Real-time processing of manifests, luggage, and container processing automation
  • Connected passenger security, safety monitoring, temperature screening and social distancing
  • Predictive maintenance, augmented reality-enabled connected workers, autonomous guided vehicle control

Smart stadium >

Smart stadium

It’s (real) time to make live experience more alive than ever

  • Augmented and virtual reality visitor experiences, live information overlays, multi-camera, multiple angle views and personalized instant replays
  • Real-time people counting, crowd control, security, perimeter and access systems
  • Paperless staff security, face recognition, watchlist alerts and reports

Verizon Business and Atos team to power industry-leading edge solutions

Combining the expertise of Verizon and Atos, this industry-leading partnership will power intelligent IoT solutions with private 5G multi-access edge (MEC) computing for businesses, government and communities worldwide. These edge solutions will transform the way companies leverage predictive analytics, allowing them to improve operational efficiency, mitigate risk, increase revenue and deliver customer business outcomes.

The global partnership delivers an edge architecture that improves operational efficiency, network connectivity and latency across the enterprise. Verizon-Atos edge solutions are industry-leading, spanning an end-to-end architecture that includes hardware, 5G, application and automation, field services and service desk support.

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Press Release

Verizon Business and Atos to power industry-leading predictive analytics 5G edge solution

Verizon Business and Atos today announce an industry-leading partnership to power intelligent IoT solutions with private 5G multi-access edge computing for businesses, government and communities worldwide.

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