Atos Technology Days 2021

Digital platforms & the data economy

Driving the future of energy

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Discover how digital platforms & data sharing will change energy forever

Evolving beyond company “data siloes” and interacting with data from other ecosystem players throughout the entire landscape will enable energy & utility companies to develop innovative, multi-sided business services and add new stakeholders to the picture. In addition, connecting this data will lead to insights that improve operations, drive efficiencies and delight customers.

Hear from energy & utility experts from Enel, Scottish Water, Siemens and Atos, who are building data cultures across their organizations that empower employees, allow them to take command of their data, and be involved in the data journey.

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Rosario Piscopo

Head of Billing,
Metering and Credit Platforms Global Digital Solutions Italy,

This panel of executives and thought leaders shares how enterprises foresee the advent and growth of the data economy, the main challenges and opportunities, as well as how they expect to generate new revenue streams by federating data ecosystems.

From the Energy & Utilities sector, Rosario Piscopo from Enel unveils the company’s strategy for its business-enabling data platform, NExT (New Energy X Transformation), designed to support its digital transformation and ultimately create new business opportunities.


Ingrid Severn

Head of Corporate Data and Compliance,
Scottish Water


Deputy Head of Industry Consulting,
Energy & Utilities, Atos

This session is co-presented by Ingrid Severn from Scottish Water, who shares how working with Atos to deploy an intelligent data management platform enabled them to integrate disparate data sources, optimize operations, enhance customer experience and scale for the future.


Allan Robinson

Head of e-Mobility Digital Grid,

Jorge Gonzalez Hernando

Business Development Manager
e-Mobility, Atos

This session explores the open-source EV charging solution from Atos and Siemens, that manages the e-Mobility experience from the customer interface, billing, invoicing, and payment integration, all the way to field service maintenance and customer support.

Atos takes data sharing to the next level with “Atos Digital Hub”

New accelerator for digital collaboration brings together multiple industry players in shared and transparent ecosystem platforms

The Data Economy is coming!